Nora Barr has been declared the “Outstanding Personality in Science” in Buenos Aires

The legislature of the city of Buenos Aires decorated the science journalist Nora Bar as “a prominent figure in the field of science”. On Monday, the honoree thanked her Twitter account to the deputies who signed in their honor.

Recognition of the former editor of science and health from La Nación newspaper and current member of El Uncover Web had something to do with her work as a science publisher during 2020, the first year of the coronavirus pandemic. This came through Proclamation 594/2020, which was passed by the Legislature in Buenos Aires on November 26 last year.

“A big thank you to Representatives Ana Maria Bo Pérez, Natalia Fidel, Paula Michelotto, Maria Cecilia Ferrero, Maria L. Gonzalez Estefarina, Lucia Romano, Mercedes de las Casas, Cristina Ortenci and Agustin Furchieri for this distinction,” Barr said on Twitter. He also clarified that they do not bear the title of graduate as stated in the decoration of the Legislature of Buenos Aires.

In addition to her work as a science publisher in media and social networks, this CABA-born woman has also worked as a teacher, taught French literature and translation at the University of Buenos Aires, and was a member of the jury and thesis director of science journalism.

Also, according to her biography, she is a visiting professor at different universities and a lecturer at international conferences. Among other awards, in 2017, he received a Diploma of Merit in Scientific Publishing from Connext Foundation. In 2002, he joined the National Academy of Journalism and is a member of the Argentine Network of Science Journalists. She has two books: “Visversa. Columns published in La Nación: 1997-1998” and “Gente Brillante. Scholars x 48: 1991-2015”.

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The distinction was promoted as “a pre-eminent figure of the City of Buenos Aires in the field of science” by the Directorate General of Cultural and Heritage Affairs in the CABA legislature.


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