Nigerian authorities confirmed the abduction of 136 children on Sunday

Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau speaks before guards at an unknown location in Nigeria in this still image taken from an undated video obtained January 15. Boko Haram/Sahara distribution via Reuters

The Nigerian authorities have confirmed the kidnapping of 136 children from an Islamic school in Niger stateIn central Nigeria on Sunday by a group of gunmen.

“The Niger state government confirms that the number of students kidnapped by bandits is 136,” the local government said in a message on Twitter on Wednesday evening.

Security forces and authorities “are doing everything in their power to ensure the safe return of children.”‘, reassures the local government.

The letter added that they were acting “prudently in pursuing the bandits to avoid collateral damage.”

State authorities have also requested federal government assistance for “Better equipped” for the security forces that must confront “bandits”.

Soldados nigerianos.REUTERS / Akintunde Akinleye / File Photo
Soldados nigerianos.REUTERS / Akintunde Akinleye / File Photo

On Sunday afternoon, a number of gunmen arrived on a motorbike in the town of Tegina, where they began shooting, killing one resident and wounding another before kidnapping the children.

About 200 minors were in the school at the time of the attack. Many managed to escape, while several of the kidnappers left, ranging in age from 4 to 12, because they were “too young to walk”.A school official told AFP.

The attack is the latest in a series of student kidnappings in recent months in central and northwest Nigeria, where armed gangs have terrorized residents for a decade, looting villages, stealing livestock and carrying out mass kidnappings for ransom.

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Not counting the schoolchildren kidnapped on Sunday, at least 730 children and teens have been kidnapped since 2020.

in february, More than 300 Nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped. According to the Nigerian newspaper, Daily TrustThe attackers stormed Government secondary school for girls, in Jangbei, and kidnapped the students, which is finally confirmed by the police 317, after various versions indicated that their number is more than 500.

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