Nicolas Maduro announced that Venezuelan teenagers will travel to Iran for training in science and technology

This was announced by the dictator of Chavista at the opening of the scientific, technological and industrial exhibition between Iran and Venezuela

Nicolas Maduro It announced Thursday that Venezuela will send a group of teenagers to IranThey will take courses through which they will seek training in science and technology.

Maduro said during his visit to the scientific, technological and industrial fair between Iran and Venezuela:We called to send a group of Venezuelan youth, high school graduates or in their fifth year, to them (Iran) to give them workshops and courses in science and technological progress.“.

In this sense, he made it clear that this first delegation of teenagers, 16 in total, will be in Iran between October 1 and 10. The group that Maduro referred to “The Scientific Center”, “goes to Iran at the invitation of the Iranian first lady to receive workshops and scientific and technological courses.”

In this regard, the Chavista dictator considered the teenagers to be “ready and well-trained”, and assured that they would be “The pioneers, the vanguard of hundreds of boys from high schools that we will send to Iran for their scientific and technological training.”

Maduro next to a tractor at the exhibition (AFP)

“Learn enough Bring to Venezuela all knowledge‘ concluded the dictator.

Scientific, Technological and Industrial Expo –Which will be open to the public between 16 and 19 September– It represents a new era in the flourishing relations between the governments of Caracas and Tehran, and will be an initial step towards creation with Help and advice from Iran An industrial zone with the participation of Iranian businessmen in trade, energy, health, technology, science, food and transportation, among other sectors, according to Maduro. About 300 Venezuelan and 79 Iranian companies are participating in the exhibition.

A joint car between Venezuela and Iran (AFP)
A joint car between Venezuela and Iran (AFP)

Venezuela and Iran have maintained close relations since the last government of late President Hugo Chávez. Caracas fell more than 300 notes Understanding and agreements on trade, industrial, financial, oil and infrastructure cooperation with Tehran, although only a few have been implemented.

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Maduro asked “Progress in Building Agreements” and dilapidated projects, such as assembling Iranian tractors.

The idea of ​​installing manufacturing production lines in Venezuela, mainly state-owned, remained mostly wrecked, while trade was gradually curtailed due to the accumulation of sanctions imposed by Washington on both countries and the decrease in foreign and national investment in Venezuela. joint projects. The Iranian private sector has so far operated mainly as subcontractors.

Maduro and the Iranian President Ibrahim Raisiwho took command on August 3, 2021, met in five occasions, most recently in June. Maduro is seeking to increase his trade relations with allied countries such as Iran, China, Russia and Turkey to try to overcome the effects of financial sanctions imposed by the United States on his government and revitalize its economy.

(with information from AP)

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