The four “perfect” recipes Arguiñano recommends taking to the beach or pool

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One of the most popular plans to treat family or friends during the summer months is to spend the day On the beach or in the pool. But few things make you feel as hungry as a day of bathing, playing in the sand, and talking. That is why these conferences are usually accompanied Fridge filled to the brim Tupperware Sandwiches to satisfy your hunger and an occasional refreshing drink to take on the summer sun.

But ideas are running out and many of us are looking for inspiration to find Easy and portable recipes We can do it in a short time. the The most famous chef Country folks have their own tricks for success in the kitchen during the heat, with refreshing, simple dishes that can become the perfect summer essentials to take to the beach or pool. Carlos Arguignanocook and presenter open kitchen, He has a few recipes that he considers “perfect” for days like these.

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the Omelette It’s a classic any time of the year. Also in summer it becomes a great ally for picnics with friends where we share some tapas, or mornings on the beach where we imagine a delicious sandwich. Of course, to be sure sureAnd a must for the tortilla be well cooked and up to 75 degrees in the middle of the segment.

The chef from Beasaín adores this dish, who even has a master recipe that guarantees absolute success, His rule is 6-3-1Six eggs, three potatoes, and an onion will be all the ingredients you need to imitate an Arguiñano tortilla. In addition, the cook has other Tricks up his sleeve It guarantees a great result, including dicing onions into medium-sized cubes, slicing potatoes into thin half-moons, or adding a few extra Milkshake for eggs So that it is very juicy.

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One of the foods that comes to mind first when preparing a lunch box to take to the beach or the pool Pasta salad. It is a fresh and nutritious dish that offers many possibilities and appetizers practically any component, so everyone can use the version they enjoy the most. You will only have to cook the pasta as indicated on the package and add the fresh ingredients you like: tomato, lettuce, diced cheese, cooked ham, tuna … If you prefer a typical salad, without pasta, you can make one of Arguignano salads Mix summer products like Watermelon or tomato.

Vegetable Shakshouka (Getty Images)

Among the chef’s recommendations are other, less common options, which many of us would not consider at first. In this case, Arguiñano recommends preparing in advance a Vegetable shakshuka, a dish of Moorish and Middle Eastern gastronomy. It’s a type of ratatouille made with onions, green peppers, red peppers, yellow peppers, ripe tomatoes, and tomato puree and topped with grilled eggs. We can take her to the beach in a convenient way Fill in a few portions of pita bread For an exceptional blend of colors and flavours.

If what you are looking for is a Snack as an appetizer Or as a mid-morning lunch, the Arguiñano considers hummus to be the perfect choice. And he’s right, because it’s a very healthy spread and easy to make for anyone You don’t need to invest more than 10 minutes. In this case, the presenter and the cook suggest pea hummus. To prepare it, all you need to do is cook the peas for 5 minutes, then mix them with a few tablespoons of tahini, a clove of garlic, cumin, lime juice, and coriander.

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