Netflix has a documentary about Lewis Capaldi, the singer who suffered from Tourette’s Syndrome, in full concert

A video recently went viral featuring the British singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi He suffers an attack of Tourette’s syndrome while performing. This event took place at the last edition of the Glastonbury Festival, in the UK. When the audience realized the interpreter could not go on, he took over and finished the song in a huge chorus. now Netflix He has a documentary about Capaldi’s life available.

Netflix: What the documentary ‘Lewis Capaldi: How I Feel Right Now’ is about

We find in one of the most vulnerable and original documentaries in history Lewis Capaldi at a pivotal moment in his career. Take a look at his personal life and year of achievement, his struggle to balance the intimacy of home with normalcy and everything he knows about life as one of the biggest stars on the planet, and get an intimate portrait of his unique personality, hopes and fears. Their own words,” the official synopsis tells.

The crowd helps Lewis Capaldi at Glastonbury 2023 | someone you love | Cinema

Netflix: What the critics said of the documentary ‘Lewis Capaldi: How I Feel Right Now’

The New York Times stated “Amazingly, ‘How I’m Feeling Now’ manages to escape most of the genre’s hype traits, giving it a more meaningful touch than other pop star documentaries”.

For the Telegraph, “After getting up close and personal with this charming, eloquent and talented young man, I doubt anyone would be able to encourage Capaldi To overcome your fears.

The Los Angeles Times wrote, “This intriguing film is full of sweet ballads from a lovable troubadour, but it also shows what it’s like to sing his songs under unfathomable pressure.”

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Netflix: How long is the documentary “Lewis Capaldi: How I Feel Right Now”

has its duration 1 hour 36 minutes. Directed and written by Joe Pearlman.

Netflix: Trailer for the documentary “Lewis Capaldi: How I Feel Right Now”

Lewis Capaldi: How Do I Feel Right Now | Official Trailer | Netflix

You can also see it here by CTC + Plus.

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