22-year-old finds out she’s allergic to her boyfriend and doctors can’t find the solution: ‘It’s very frustrating’

This was revealed by Virginia Nolte, a young woman from Massachusetts, United States He suffers from allergies towards her boyfriend. Every time they get together, Virginia lives on skin rash and your face becomes swollen and red, But they still fail to find a solution to this strange problem.

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Virginia’s story went viral after she posted a video about her allergic condition. As told, It all started in December 2022, when she started dating a guy named Steve Johnson. whom he met on Bumble.

At first, Virginia attributed her symptoms to a seasonal allergy. “It started with really watery and itchy eyes.”He expressed. However, as she spent more time with Steve, her symptoms intensified. Then she noticed a connection between the presence of spots on the skin and the proximity to her boyfriend.

22-year-old finds out she’s allergic to her boyfriend and doctors can’t find the solution: ‘It’s very frustrating’

Bewildered, Virginia stated that she was allergic to her boyfriend and that the symptoms were made worse by spending extended periods with him: “We realized that after spending a few days in his apartment, I would have a severe rash the following week and feel really bad for a few days.”

They are determined to find a solution for your allergies

Despite Steve trying to switch body products and cleansers, the symptoms persisted. The young woman consulted several specialists, including dermatologists and allergists, but so far He did not find a definitive answer to the cause of the rash.

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“He’s very patient and supportive of everything, and he’s just as frustrated as I am.” Virginia expressed. Despite the frustration this causes, she and Steve say they have learned to find the funny side of the situation and keep a sense of humor about it: “You have to laugh. If you get caught up in stress and frustration and all that, it’s miserable. So you have to laugh a little bit.” .

This condition, although rare, is not completely isolated. In the past, there have been documented cases of people being allergic to each other. For example, in 2017, a woman revealed that she was Sensitive to her husband’s scent Due to a condition called mast cell activation syndrome.

The couple hopes to get answers through further testing. That help determine the exact cause of Virginia’s allergy. Meanwhile, they are determined to face this challenge together and stay positive about the situation.

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