Netflix almost lost an actor from the crown who preferred cinema

Netflix became a huge nuisance to the British monarchy the moment it was first shown the crown. But just as it was a problem at Buckingham Palace, it was a stepping stone for some actors. Characters like Olivia Colman, Tobias Menzies or Gillian Anderson have already had a great career, but there are some who are famous all over the world for this series.

Among them is Josh O’Connor, who played Prince Charles, Prince of Wales in the third season of the crown. The drama, inspired by the life of Al Windsor, had already gone through two years of pure rage around the world, so access to such a series was a plus for the career of any growing actor. However, for him this thought was not considered.

That’s because Josh O’Connor was about to say “no” to being Prince Charles the crown. In his words, indulging in a TV series would take him out of his daily routine. “When I was called to audition, I was very comfortable making independent films, and it seemed like my natural path. And if I accept, the shooting will continue for two years of my lifeHe started explaining.

Later, O’Connor added:They insisted that we meet and I ended up agreeingWithout a doubt, this was the right decision he made and this is how he sees it:Fortunately, accepted! In the long run, this was the right decision. He got me out of my way, gave me a huge challenge and I really enjoyed it.In addition, after the two seasons in which he participated, honors came at awards such as the Emmy Awards.

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the crown It is one of the most award winning Netflix series. Its starting point, its story, and the characterization of its characters made it a resounding success. That is why it is impossible to refuse any role in this drama to any actor, especially for a Briton. Because, to tell the truth, who better than a UK citizen to play royals? Having said that, there is no doubt that Josh O’Connor made the best decision of his career since today he is known and admired all over the world.

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