Mutare Life arrives in Argentina, a luxury on Netflix (100% online single and group treatments, from $45)

With an initial investment of $250,000, and billing expectations of over $100,000 for the first year, the startup was launched Mutari life. It is a new virtual care platform for mental, physical and emotional health recently created by Argentinian therapist and entrepreneur Jimena Soreda and a team of 28 specialists involved in managing it.

The team is made up of professionals who take a holistic and holistic approach in the fields of psychology, coaching, nutrition, parenting, bioenergetics, and gender. Its mission is to provide care, support, assistance and containment to users through various alternatives for individual or group therapy, ranging from US$45 to US$110.

Jimena Soreda, Therapist and CEO Mutare Life law Project: “Mutari of life Since its inception, it has endeavored to be an organization with social impact. Each professional donates 3 hours of interest per month, and our community accompanies network professionals and users alike. Our commitment is to provide comprehensive quality service, so that individuals and organizations can achieve their best.”

The tool is already active in Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, the United States, Peru, Chile and the Caribbean.

Group rooms and wellness groups
“Group rooms are a very innovative alternative for those who want to work on emotional issues with other people. It is a product that includes 8 group rooms per week where users can learn and get tools from all our areas. You can choose the topics that the user is interested in and they can participate directly or watch them.” Recorded at any time and from anywhere,” he recalls Sureda.

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Another of the stellar services Mutari life They are health kits that include sessions and lessons to work on specific goals such as parenting bonds, healthy eating or life purpose, and can be given as gifts. On the other hand, memberships for families are offered as an interesting option for family groups where everyone has their own user and can work individually or in groups on issues related to parenting, grief, sexuality, anxiety, food or other issues.

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