Will Colombians be able to enter the United States without a visa? Colombia will request that this requirement be rescinded due to long waiting times for an appointment | international | News

The constant inconveniences they face for tourist visa processing and the two years they have to wait for an appointment are the main reason Colombia has asked the United States to scrap this requirement for Colombian travelers.

This was stated by the Colombian ambassador to the United States, Luis Gilberto Murillo, in an interview with RCN News, Which stated that the embassy had raised the proposal orally with the United States.

Residents of Colombia must have the ability to travel as a tourist to the United States without a visa. “We have orally lifted it from the embassy, ​​but we hope to do so officially very soon,” Murillo said.

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He also explained that there are about 850 days to wait for the Colombian to get an appointment once the application is submitted. We are strategic allies, this situation must be rectified. “No logic” the time.

The proposal, which Murillo himself is drafting, will be formally presented to President Joe Biden in the coming days. If accepted, this plan will set a precedent with regard to immigration from both countries.

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The media also highlights that the visa for Colombian tourists in the United States is valid for 10 years. Photo: FTiare

How to Apply for a US Visa Appointment in Colombia?

Currently, visa waiting times are up to two years to see if you can get it, so much so that the US Embassy has recommended asking for a renewal appointment in advance.

For now, the Colombian and US governments are working together to restore service times and simplify procedures. Check with them so that they think about the possibility of appointing more consuls Colombian.

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The media also highlights that the visa for Colombian tourists in the United States is valid for 10 years. Thanks to the agreement reached by former President Juan Manuel Santos with Barack Obama, which indicates a high degree of confidence on the part of the US government.


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