Montreal says it wants to go ahead with the Canadian Grand Prix

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the problems Formula 1 can find to complete the 23 rounds that currently contain the calendar, given that some of the races at the moment are more unknown than certain, such as the Canadian Grand Prix.

The intention is to move forward

After the recent rumors, Montreal Mayor Valerie Blunt wanted to go out and speak publicly about the Canadian Grand Prix and its true potential for this season, stressing that her idea is nothing but an event that had happened last season. It had to be canceled.

In his recent statements lapresse.caValerie Blunt assured that they are now working and doing everything possible so that the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal can continue as planned: “Our Formula 1 is importantThis is why the message we want to send to all partners is that We have great interest in this event.

Currently, the Canadian Grand Prix is ​​scheduled for June 13, which is the date the Mayor of Montreal is fully confident: We want it to take place on the same usual date. There are still a lot of details to attach, but I really want our government partners to join us in making this event happen this summer. “.

Possible alternatives

Despite these words and the apparent intention to push ahead with the 2021 Canadian Grand Prix, Formula 1 is already covering its back in case this or any other event falls off the calendar. For this reason, some locations such as Turkey or Germany are waiting for an emergency call.

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