Hardening medicine, integration of different approaches to health care

Hearing about sintered medicine is still rare, weird. It makes sense because this approach has been in the world for a little over 20 years. As defined by the International Cardiac Dispersion Association, it represents a “revolution in the concept of health and disease”, as it provides a comprehensive view of the patient: body – mind – energy. This approach brings with it the incorporation of various contributions from “other” medicine, known as alternative medicine, along with a variety of treatments.

And in this scale, Reiki appears, along with Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, from the family zodiac, among the many constellations. But beyond this broad spectrum, what is clear is that it treats a patient’s symptoms or conditions, making them an essential part of the process that seeks to cure or heal. This means that it is not treated as a subject that has to overcome a certain process, but the task of the calcified doctor is to accompany him in a situation in which he focuses on the emotions involved in this process, and offers alternatives to reset his energy, the use of techniques and pharmacopoeia in traditional medicine as well as the use of phytotherapy. (Tea and herbal teas) to treat the disease and thus reverse the symptoms.

essence I interviewed Dr. Malina Tabosi to learn more about this new medical approach. “Although this new way of working for a patient’s health is only a few years old, it is true that little by little it occupies an increasing place in the practice of medicine. For example, today there are hospitals such as Mount Sinai or Mayo Clinic in the United States. , Where there are integrative medicine departments made up of holistic therapists and herbal medicine specialists who participate in the comprehensive care of the patient. This was possible after years of scientific studies that analyzed the benefits of using these practices, ”the health professional said via the introduction.

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