Montevideo: a building explodes, at least 8 injured | In Punta Caritas

at least eight people Transformation woundsAnd the Three of them seriously result Explosion It happened on Friday morning in a building From Villa Biarritz, near the Hosary district Punta Caritas, in Montevideo, Uruguay.

in the place Firefighters, police officers and medical staff work in emergency situationsWorld Health Organization Evacuation of people who were in the building And in the surroundings.

According to part of the Uruguayan National Directorate of Firefighters, there are eight injured so far. three of them were To different health centers in the area Five others helped at the scene.

The Director of the Emergency Medical Care (SAME) system, Jose Antonio Rogregues, confirmed to GO Noticias that There are eight wounded. . added “All the people who had to be helped were already.”

One of the three seriously injured people has a Carbon monoxide poisoningwhat or what It caused the airway to settle, while the other two suffered burns of varying severity.

It all happened this morning, around 9.00, at A building located on the streets of Leyenda Patria and Hidalgos, In Villa Biarritz, near the exclusive area of ​​Punta Caritas in Montevideo.

As stated, the higher damage was produced in 2nd and 3rd floor from real estateAnd the On this top floor it was also recorded a fire.

Dramatic Testimony of a Neighbor: “I Heard Touching Noises”

Alexander A The neighbor of the building that exploded This morning in Montevideo, he told El Pais what the moment of the explosion was. “He heard amazing noises, glass, tires falling from you”said the man who had a head wound.

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The neighbor says that when the building exploded he was in his house “making a mate” and he heard “impressive noises” and then several things shattered. “Nothing was understood, I was dizzy”he added.

I managed to evacuate, and there was debris and water on some floors. Elevators with doors facing inward and that’s why it’s hard to get through, but I helped my neighbors and got off”he added.

And about the possible reasons for what happened, the man noted that for several days in the building they felt ‘strange smell’ who – which “Maybe” that was Gas.

Causes of the explosion

Although the version circulated in the media in Uruguay indicates that the explosion may have been caused by a boilerstill The specialists and the authorities did not say what exactly happened.

The Interior Minister from Uruguay Louis Albert HeberThey went to the site of the explosion and spoke briefly to the media. “It’s a disaster. It was on the third floor, we don’t know why”As he claimed.

Authorities noted that despite significant structural damage to the building, Ruled out to be at risk of collapse. In any case, they asked residents not to approach the area because there is still glass and other objects that could pose a danger. “There is broken glass in the vicinity of the other block, so this core area is the red work area. We recommend people not to turn around”SAME manager said.

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