The new WhatsApp function that changes the use of chat: what it is and what it is for

Pay attention to the new option that the messaging app offers on chats to get the most out of your playback capabilities.

in The WhatsApp It is common to meet Various tricks that allow you to get the most out of the application’s performance Messaging. next one, We leave the next trick to you to discover new uses. Pay attention and find out.

The new WhatsApp feature that changes the use of chat: what is it and what is it for?

Messaging app Some time ago, it added a tool that allows messages sent via WhatsApp chat to be destroyed automatically after a certain period of time. Currently Work is underway to develop and enhance this function.

Currently, to configure WhatsApp messages that self-destruct, you have to make it conversation by conversation. however, Soon the app will allow you to configure automatic deletion of messages in several chats (or groups) at the same time.

The WhatsApp

from this change, Once you click on a new section of the configuration, it will be possible to do this in a large number of chats (more than 100). And the process is very simple, Well, once you use the multiple options already present in WhatsApp, the goal is achieved.

for example, After five days, the message sent from all conversations with individual or group contacts will be deleted. Thus, we are talking about a very useful option.

This should be explained This new option is available in the beta version of WhatsApp, specifically in the Android operating system. The launch is already underway for all users of this app and It is expected to be developed for iOS in the next few days.

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