Criticizing the Chilean government, Elisa Luncon left the presidency of the Constitutional Conference | The Mapuche leader referred to the “insignificance” of the Pinera administration

With criticism of Sebastian Pinera’s government over “insignificance”, Elisa Longcon He left the presidency of the Chilean Constitutional Congress on Tuesday. The Mapuche linguist confirmed this in her farewell speech Her election as president “speaks of an equal and multinational country giving its first lights”. The conference met on Tuesday to elect a new board of directors, although after four votes he did not get the 78 votes needed to nominate the new person who would be in charge of the board. The commission has six months of work left to prepare a text that citizens must vote on in the second half of the year.

“WLA democratic reality of great proportions

The day began early in the morning with the first semester balancing act, as the seven vice presidents presented the general account of the outgoing administration. This was followed by farewell speeches by the President of the Constituent Assembly, Elisa Loncon, and Vice President Jaime Bassa, in which they commended the work done in the agreement, addressed some of the difficulties in the process and reaffirmed the basic lines of their vision. on the new constitution.

loncon He emphasized that these months of work showed that indigenous peoples could rule. “Indigenous nations are agents of democracy, with deep ideas to rethink our common and dignified life; We are living cultures, we are diverse languages ​​and not dialects as they say what they still want to deprive us of. It’s time for us to listen to each other alike.”

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“Our democracy is going in broad ways and on firm foundations. Congratulations to the peoples of Chile, we continue to democratize our country“The outgoing president said. In her closing remarks, Loncon recalled the problems they had encountered at the beginning of office and criticized the executive for not facilitating matters.”Unfortunately, we had to deal with the trifles on the part of the problem authority.“, handle.

The outgoing government was uncooperative“In the beginning we had nothing, but we achieved it, and here we are and it is in large part due to the public and republican institutions of our country,” said the traditionalist, who emphasized that Also highlight thatThe new constitution is not only written by scholarsRather, it has become a cultural and democratic event of great proportions.”

for this part, Few He said The convention is “by far the most representative space we have in the history of Chile”. “Let’s not fall into the temptation, especially the elite, to ignore the new words we’ve heard. It’s not because the content of what they’re saying is something we’re hearing for the first time that we’ll qualify as noise. This represents the people. We’re here to represent the people,” the outgoing vice president said.

like loncon, Bassa criticized the relationship with the government of Sebastian Pinera, which he described as “very hard and difficult work”. “The agreement was not endorsed by La Moneda.”As of March, the lawyer who expressed a desire to change this was sentenced, with the arrival of President-elect Gabriel Borek.

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Two days after his resounding victory in the polls On December 19 against the far-right Jose Antonio Caste, Borek visited the convention In an apparent gesture in support of the founding process, something outgoing Pinera has yet to do. “I do not expect a party convention in the service of our government”said the former student leader, the youngest elected and most voted president in Chilean history.

long vote

Gathered in the Senate Hall of Honor, in the former home of the Chilean Congress, the 155 members of the Constituent Assembly voted at least five times and their voices were read aloud. Candidates for the presidency and vice president must obtain a simple majority of 78 votes to be electedWhich has not been reached in any of the votes conducted so far.

The chosen voting system is called “pontifical”: the members of the body are called in alphabetical order to cast their votes in the cup.

In the first two votes, Colectivo Socialista’s Ramona Reyes took a big advantage but in the afternoon she backed down after her request unleashed a wave of questioning on social media about her handling of finances as mayor of Paillaco.

In the third and fourth ballots, scholar Cristina Doraador emerged from the Foundational Social Movements, a bloc that articulates environmental and feminist debates in the Convention. In the meantime, the fight was joined by constituent names Diageta, Eric Chinga, and independent Patricia Pulitzer.

The new authorities will take over immediately and will be responsible for coordinating the agreement to achieve a new constitutional text by July of this year, a task he has declared complex since then. Standards must be approved by two-thirds of the components.

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WLOnce the new charter, which could replace the constitution of dictator Augusto Pinochet, is drafted, it will be submitted to a referendum in the second semester. 2022, with a later date set. It is expected, among the fundamental changes, to introduce another concept about the role of the state, the participation of citizens in decision-making and the full claim of human rights such as health, education and dignity.

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