Michelle Bachelet spoke at the United Nations of “extreme human rights concern” in Formosa

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, referred to on Monday through an official communication to Agency concerned by reports of human rights violations During the implementation of epidemic mitigation measures in Formosa.

Read the former Chilean president Report at the United Nations In it, he recounted what his team had done in the face of complaints against the government Gildo Infran. In the Oral update on the human rights situation In various countries of the world, the official report presented by Bachelet to the United Nations, reviewed the causes of concern about human rights on this planet.

“In Argentina, the team was mobilized in the country Responding to serious human rights concerns In the province of Formosa with the development of the epidemic. The Resident Coordinator led a virtual assessment mission with the participation of UNICEF, WHO and the High Commissioner. Consultations began with the authorities on Possible joint program A strategy to respond to the health emergency situation in the governorate, which follows international human rights standards, Including addressing structural problems among the indigenous population Bachelet said.

Argentina is mentioned as one of the countries investigated in the report He has no record in the recent pastRather, the country has become an inescapable international reference in the defense of human rights.

In February of this year, the opposition, led by the PRO, sent Bachelet Report condemning alleged human rights violations In Formosa, due to the mandatory isolation and distancing regimes that Insfrán has set up for months due to Covid-19.

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