Launching the 2020 call to work and live in Quebec, Canada

he Employment portalof the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare of Mexico, the 2020 Invitation to work and live temporarily in Quebec CityCanada.

He noted that interested parties must send their nominations Before January 20, 2020 Through the portal .

Quebec recruiters will conduct online interviews from From 10 to 21 February 2020Therefore, it is advisable to start the process as soon as possible.

Quebec City and its metropolitan area are the seventh most important economic center in the country Canada It is one of those that provide the most job opportunities for foreigners.

In 2019, the job portal promoted job vacancies in Canada and most of them were in the province of Quebec. You can apply for 2020 at quebecenla

Quebec in Cape Verde publishes multiple job vacancies: from trades to professions that require bachelor's degrees and engineering degrees. Some listed by the National Employment Service are:

  1. Shoe technician.
  2. Quality inspector. 5-axis precision machine operator.
  3. Factor:CNC operator. welding. CNC lathe operator (micro machining).
  4. health sector: Health care manager. Clinical nurse. Orthotics
  5. Information technology sector: System Administrator specializing in Hardware Automation (VMWare) VRO-VRA. Business Analyst in IT. Quality assurance analyst. Technology infrastructure analyst. Technology analyst. .NET Analyst Programmer. Computer engineer. Technology infrastructure engineer. Security systems engineer. Security solutions engineering consultant. Developer. DevOps expert. Web integration. Java web programmer and analyst. IT Technician.

See the full list of job vacancies .

Canada will receive 350,000 immigrants in 2021;  Here are the categories

To apply for a job and be considered, you must create a profile on the Page . They will ask you to enter personal and contact information.

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Once you create your profile, you will be able to see available job vacancies. Use filters to more easily review existing filters in your professional field.

When applying for a job, you must create a candidate profile that contains information about your nationality, Professional skills, academic training, language proficiency And more.

We leave you a Tutorial with step by step to apply.

There is no age limit for submitting applications. The recruitment portal indicates that selected persons will be guided through admission and immigration procedures.

Lying on your application is prohibited. Keep in mind that they will ask you for proof of qualifications, professional experience and French language level, depending on the position.

What is it, what is the cost and how to fill out an electronic travel authorization to travel to Canada?

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