Canadian men’s rugby team beat Spain 33-19

Vancouver and Canada’s seven-man rugby team won their seventh World Championship match against Spain on Sunday 33-19 in Vancouver.

A seven-player rugby team from Vancouver and Canada won their seventh World Championship match against Spain on Sunday 33-19 in Vancouver.

North Vancouver winger Elias Argos scored two attempts for the Canadians, who suffered from a 14-5 delay.

After losing 31-5 to Great Britain on Sunday in the previous quarter, the host Canadian team regained their chance to face the United States in fifth place.

“We did a great job throughout the tournament no matter what happens in front of us, let’s keep our heads up, be confident in our abilities, our athletic style is our physical fitness,” said Ergos. .

The Canadians tied with the United States before conceding 10 points to lose the semi-finals at Fast Four.

Canada will face Mexico on Sunday for the bronze medal.

In the other semi-final match, Great Britain defeated Mexico 38-0 to face the Americans in the final.

Rene Gonzalez de Unde of Scarborough scored the two Canadian attempts. Sutton’s Chloe Daniels kicked two mutants.

“I think we had a strong first-half defense,” said Barry, und Emma Sawan. “We had a little possession in the second half.

“Our defense is strong, but you can’t try if you don’t have the ball.”

The Canadians were behind Spain 14-12.

“We weren’t too nervous,” said Victoria Prevost, who made one attempt and kicked four substitutes. “We know we are right in the match.

“We stuck together.”

West Vancouver, BC, and Nicholas Allen of Serene Breen, Victoria also scored attempts.

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In the quarter-finals, spins and penalties resulted in two attempts for Great Britain.

Canada held the ball in the early stages of the match, but failed to break through the strong British defence.

Canada’s turn led to Britain’s first attempt.

Subsequently, Canadian captain Bill Berna was fined for intentionally dropping the pass in the middle. The Canadians played short as a man, giving up another attempt to be 14-5 in the first half.

The British dominated the second half and took three more attempts. Victoria’s Jack Carson scored Canada’s only attempt in the match.

“We were strong out of the gate, but we couldn’t put it all together,” Carson said. “This is the most elite team we’ve played for, and it gives us some things to move on to our next game.”

Canada beat Chile 24-5, 19-14, before losing 29-17 to the United States on Saturday.

The Canadians lost 22-12 to the United States and 19-5 to Great Britain before beating Mexico 39-0 on Saturday.

The Canadians made their youth series with nine players.

Canada finished eighth after the Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

This is the first event in the HSBC World Rugby Sevens series since the outbreak of the rival Govt-19 epidemic stopped in Vancouver in March 2020.

The epidemic reached about 13,500 in the lower bowl of PC Place.

A group of nuns sat near several monks. There were many superheroes and creatures with dark skin and darkness. Mandolin watched matches with Baby Yoda on his lap.

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The great white rhino showed some surprisingly good dance moves. The pirates ate popcorn while several pink pigs drank beer.

The Vancouver Championship features only a dozen men’s teams instead of the standard 16 teams. Rugby Powerhouse New Zealand, Fiji, Australia and Samoa avoided the event.

World Rugby says there will be no setbacks from the 2021 series, and no results will be categorized for future events.

Canadian teams travel to Edmonton for a stop next week in the series.

This Canadian press report was first published on September 19, 2021.

Jim Morris, The Canadian Press

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