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he Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (MINSITOR) It reported that Peru’s shipments abroad amounted to 4,998 million US dollars during the seventh month of the year, an increase of 6% compared to July 2022.

Thus, despite the slight decline of -0.2% recorded in the combined period from January to July this year, a rise in exports of non-traditional goods was observed, especially in the agricultural sector (+3.6%), and other goods. Traditional fishing (+23.4%) and non-metallic mining (+44%).

“We know that this year we have had an unusual start. For this reason, at Mincetur we are working to ensure that our exporters continue to sell abroad. Through initiatives such as the Export Production Route and the Internationalization Support Programme, we have articulated efforts to promote the growth of sector.”

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The non-traditional agricultural sector generated US$4,301 million between January and July, thanks to higher sales of grapes (+14.4%), berries (+7.5%) and avocados (+17.4%), which reached US$664 million. US$239 million and US$820 million, respectively.

On the other hand, exports of fishery goods amounted to $1,254 million by the end of the first seven months of the year. Here, squid sales stand out over other products, with a total value of $672 million, registering a growth of 122%.

Finally, according to the report’s figures, the non-metallic mining sector recorded exports worth $580 million, as a result of an increase in shipments of natural calcium phosphate, which amounted to $360 million (+58.2%). and Anthrax, which grossed $157 million (+51.6%).

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Business partners

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To date, China remains Peru’s main trading partner in the world. It is the first destination for national exports of mining and fishing goods. The United States and the European Union continue to be on the list.

At the level of Latin America, Brazil and Chile are the most important partners in the region. The first imports copper, natural gas, crude oil, zinc and calcium phosphate from Peru. Chile, for its part, buys molybdenum, sulfuric acid, fruits and hydrocarbons.

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