Is there really a ninth planet that can replace Pluto?

There is a lot to analyse, study and explore. But recently published work by astronomers Takashi Ito and Patrick Sophia Likawaka from Japan can confirm, without a doubt, that there is A planet we have not yet discovered. Its existence, confirmed by the computational technology they used, would explain many things that, until now, have no coherent explanation.

Bigger than Earth

The data presented so far are promising and establish the existence of this planet with a more solid foundation than could be imagined. Astronomers from Kindai University comment that the size of the planet in question would be between 1.5 and 3 times the size of Earth. They also claim that their theory is just that It is located near PlutoSpecifically in the Kuiper Belt, an element of space that has long fascinated experts.

This belt is larger than asteroids and has a majesty that has prompted many astronomers to devote part of their professional lives to studying it. If everything is true and the planet is located close to Pluto, this could be a really important discovery. In this belt, waste, rocks and ice meet, all produced by… Creating other planets.

Interpretation by astronomers

The basic argument that these two specialists use to say that there is another hidden planet exists in the presence of some Foreign items inside the belt. They state that these behave irregularly in terms of their orbit. Their justification will be that there is something that pushes them and makes them move, something that, they say, must be very big. Therefore, the planet fits what they are trying to explain, especially the indicated size.

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The simulation they ran with their computer confirms everything they say and shows that the existence of a true planet would explain everything that is not yet understood. The theory also indicates that this supposed new planet, which… It has been christened as KBP (Kuiper Belt planet), will be much farther than expected from the Sun, and will be even twelve times farther than Neptune, so it will represent a turning point for the location of other planets.

Now other astronomers around the world are evaluating what they have Published in the Astronomical Journal It may make sense or if it does A very risky theory. At the moment, there are already those who have expressed their opinion, such as astronomer Malena Rice from Yale University, who says that it is possible, if it is in a close orbit, that the planet will be discovered within a few years.

This is not the first time that the discovery of a new planet has been talked about, but it seems to be one of the occasions when the research work is more solid. The thing that the astronomers who discovered the KBP have done is to conduct tests that verify their theories, which, through technology, provide proof of their arguments. Previously, for example, it was discussed The existence of planet 9But research work has been ongoing for several years and a clear result has not yet been reached. It is true that there are still regions of space to be explored, so it is unknown whether they will eventually exist or not.

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They say from Japan that if the planet KBP exists, finally We will have nine planets again. But who knows if we will eventually get ten if the two studies in development are confirmed. The only thing we can hope for is that if that happens, they choose better names for themselves. I’m sure they can think of something.

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