El Cronista Internacional: The world’s most widely read Spanish-language business media reaches the United States

Spain first. Then Mexico. And now the historian, The most widely read Spanish-language economic medium in the worldarrives in the United States.

Growth is part of the planned path. From Argentina and with our DNA, it is this profile that makes us Leaders in the field of information on economics, finance and businesswe continue to expand our content to reach increasingly larger and more diverse audiences, and take new steps within A non-stop process of transformation that our journalists turn into success.

It is a process that has allowed us, for years now, to place ourselves in between Five Argentine media outlets with the most distinguished usersAnd to be The most widely read Spanish-language economic medium in the world.

We achieved this huge goal at the same time as starting another challenge, our Member plantake advantage of our leadership in Journalistic quality Which in just over two years We have already crossed 25,000 subscribersLoyal users of our site who choose us for Value Added Provided by our columnists and journalists for financial and business information.

The brand internationalization project began a little less than two years ago, when we launched our content project for Spanish fans. in this period, El Cronista now has more unique users from Spain than most specialist media outlets in that country.is now in the top 40 of that country’s media usage, including general media and international media, always with the best economic, financial and business information, complemented by original content for entertainment and leisure time.

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Less than a year ago, we launched our second content vertical for foreign audiences, this time focusing on Mexico And benefit from what we learned in our first months in Spain. So far, this is another successful project Exceeds 30 million page views per month and he El Cronista’s presence also expanded into most parts of Latin America.

But the plan doesn’t end there. We want Continue to grow and make the economy easier For people both in Argentina and in other latitudes.

That’s why we’re launching now United States of Americaan initiative that has points in common with previous initiatives but also has special characteristics, because it is our geography An important group of loyal users who trust us to inform themselves about the Argentine reality. It is a challenge with a special spice, but without a doubt the team is leading Florencia Garcia Alegre With coordination Florence PaulaThe general editor of all digital teams at El Cronista will turn it into another successful project.

The main objective: Generating value for new audiences and providing new decision-making toolstaking the El Cronista brand even further.

USA, here we come!

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