Viral video | She lives in the United States. They criticize her for not studying for work, which is an unbelievable excuse Nanda nrt | uses

A young Latina woman currently residing in Boston, United States, sparked controversy on social media by asserting that she can live without the need to work or study. Angry, thousands began calling her a “conservative,” but she decided to respond with a video detailing her reasons.

“People tell me why I don’t work or why I don’t study and the truth is that I can’t.”“, the user began by saying @valentinaidiartbeOriginally from Argentina. “I wake up, I go for a walk. “First I drink some mate, and it takes me a long time to drink some mate, because yerba mate is not like coffee that you drink and leave.”.

“Then I go for a walk, and if it’s a day like today, when it’s 32 degrees Celsius, I jump into the pool, and if not, I wait a little longer until noon. Then I have to go to the gym and when I come back I have to go shopping.” To prepare food and see what I will cook.he added.

As he explained, his routine does not give him enough time to start looking for work or studying. His bizarre explanation, made as a joke, went viral and caught the attention of a large number of users who took to the comments section to share their impressions.

While some criticized the Argentine for her refusal to be an independent person, others praised her honesty and focus on enjoying life as much as she could.

“Maybe you can’t work until you get the papers”; “Well, Queen, who can, can. He’s like this”; “Idol, don’t be nervous, it’s okay”; “But who are those people who will come and ask what you are doing with your life?” These are some of the messages people have left.

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How to work legally in the United States?

Working legally in the United States as an alien involves following a specific process and meeting certain requirements. These are the requirements that must be followed:

  • Check your eligibility based on your condition.
  • Get a work visa specific to your type of work.
  • Find a US employer who will sponsor you.
  • Apply for a work visa through USCIS or a US consulate.
  • Wait for visa approval.
  • Meet your visa requirements while working in the United States.
  • If you want permanent residency, explore green card options.

Remember that immigration laws can vary depending on individual circumstances, so you are advised to consult with an immigration attorney or USCIS for specific and up-to-date guidance.

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