Marcelo Bielsa has been introduced as the new coach of the Uruguay national team


The Argentine took over the technical direction of Celeste with a press conference at the legendary Centenario stadium, venue of the 1930 World Cup.

Argentine Marcelo Bielsa was introduced on Wednesday as the new coach of the Uruguay team through a press conference at the legendary Centenario stadium, venue of the 1930 World Cup.

The guy from Rosario signed a contract for three years, and the main goal was to hold the 2026 World Cup in the United States, Mexico and Canada.

They didn’t have to convince me, I’d say the exact opposite. My desire to belong to this project has two very convincing opposites for me: one is the players that Uruguay has, and I like the group of players that have represented Uruguay in recent years, and the other is the beneficiary of the work of Ignacio, the president of the Uruguayan Football Association, said Bielsa at the presentation press conference. Alonso, “The team is the average citizen of the country concerned.”

In the preview, Bielsa received the national team jersey with his first and last name as well as an oil painting with the Centenario stadium taken from a panoramic view.

I had to go through an informal experience that had a decisive weight in my decisionOne day I came to Montevideo for the weekend and ended up staying for two months. In it, I took a public bus on a Monday morning, a 45-minute ride, and there were episodes that put the kindness of travelers to the test, and concluded with admiration for seeing everyone’s generosity in that context. Everyone was respected. I was drawn to seeing the players and the summit of the Uruguayan national,” he elaborated with his usual ease of speech.

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Marcelo Bielsa is greeted by Ignacio Alonso, President of the Uruguay Football Association (Uruguay)

Loco arrived in Uruguay with two of his assistants, analysts and recoverers. The man from Rosario was willing to add people already working for the Uruguay Football Association (AUF) and make day-to-day easier, according to local press reports.

The AUF will invest approximately US$4 million annually with the arrival of this technical body.

In addition, Bielsa asked to take charge of the under-23 team that will participate next year in Venezuela’s pre-Olympic tournament qualifying for the 2024 Paris Games.

The 67-year-old’s debut will be for select Celeste on June 14 against Nicaragua And on Tuesday 20 in front Cubain both of the friendlies that will go down in FIFA history and will be played at the Estadio Centenario in Montevideo.

“I don’t have any travel plans at the moment. Regarding the Uruguayan players, in these months I have initially created three players for each position or in some cases four players if they deserve it. In this group of 33 or 40 players in this first experience choose those who are least familiar and among those who are there to finish getting to know a player it is necessary to close a training session or training session. I will use these nine days of June to get acquainted with those whom I least know and whom I have least seen.Bielsa said of his first call.

FIFA date matches are framed by many terms and idiosyncrasies. These comers cannot escape the possibility of being described according to many looks. If they can be prepared or not, what time of year they happen to be, many nuances. This is how all coaches evaluate, value and take into account. Beyond that, it’s a chance to live 9 days with 10 players in a scenario that doesn’t allow this resource frequently. For me, it is very beneficial to start working with this perspective.”added.

Marcelo Bielsa was in charge of the Argentine national team from 1998 to 2004

Bielsa, with a long career as a coach, is coming off the line for the last time Leeds Unitedfrom England, which he promoted to and departed from the Premier League on 27 February 2022.

Before he draws Rosarino Olympique de Marseille and the night French Athletic Bilbao Spanish; he Selected from Chile; one of Argentina (1998/2004) and Spanishfrom Barcelona.

In addition, Bielsa worked at Velez Sarsfield (1997/1998); atlas And America in Mexico (1992/1997) and newells, Where he appeared for the first time in artistic direction (1990/1992).

Bielsa will be the second Argentine to lead Uruguay after him Daniel Passarella (2000/2001) and succeeded Diego Alonsowho had little room in front of the team after so long Oscar Washington Tabriz (the mentor and hero whose expertise Uruguay has captured a great generation of outstanding defenders and strikers, but worldly midfielders) against Celeste.

Uruguay is a team that can imagine winning the World Cup, because it is a team that has something to doBielsa commented.

In this way, among the ten South American teams, Argentine coaches will make up 70%In addition to Lionel Scaloni in his team and Bielsa in Uruguay, there are Guillermo Barros Schelotto (Paraguay), Eduardo Berizzo (Chile), Nestor Lorenzo (Colombia), Fernando Batista (Venezuela) and Gustavo Costas (Bolivia).

Marcelo Bielsa comes from Leeds United management

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