Marbel mocks Francia Márquez for a little “inclusion” in Petro’s government

Maureen Pilqui Ramirez Cardona, the real name of the 42-year-old artist, still doesn’t leave the Cauca leader alone, whom she likened to “King Kong” in the campaign, a fact for her He had to apologize.

Now, the famous “Queen of Technorail” has taken the opportunity to laugh at the tasks assigned to him by the national government, by Decree 1874 From 9 September 2022.

Document pledge France Marquis Careers “Coordination” Different plans, although there is no option to implement budgets or make important decisions.

In fact, The Ministry of Equality has not been created that during the presidential campaign it was said she would lead.

In addition, it was not even considered for diplomatic missions, such as attending the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, where It would have been preferable for the Colombian representation to be in charge of Veronica Alcocer, Petro’s wife and Foreign Minister Alvaro Leyva.

Marbel mocks France Marquez for a little “involvement” in the government

Accordingly, the artist herself, via her Twitter account, sent a witty message in which she played with words that indicated that in the campaign of the historical charter it was said: Like the embedding marquis, But this is the least with the cum.

The singer tweeted with a sarcastic face: “In the merger government, they forgot to include the Vice President.”

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