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Amy Austin and Carlos Luis Ballari, a pair of scientists committed to scientific research and advancement, have been honored with the prestigious CONNEX Awards 2023. Their dedication and contribution to science has been recognized with this important recognition.
Each year, the Connex Foundation rewards a different branch of national work in 10-year cycles. From 1980 to 1989 overall track winners were considered. From 1990 to 1999, the last 10 years track was awarded; From 2000 to 2009, the cycle repeats and so on indefinitely.
Amy Austin, born on May 14, 1966 in Seattle, USA; Argentine nationalization. Degree in Environmental Sciences from Willamette University (USA, 1988) and Doctorate in Biological Sciences from Stanford University (USA, 1997). CONICET Senior Researcher. Associate Professor of the Chair of the Department of Ecology at the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering at UBA and researcher at the Institute for Physiological and Environmental Research Related to Agriculture (IFEVA, CONICET-UBA).
Austin focuses his research primarily on ecosystem ecology and the biogeochemical cycle in terrestrial ecosystems, with an emphasis on human impacts of global change on carbon recycling and storage.
Senior Editor of Ecology (since 2013) and New Phytologist (since 2008). Member of the United Nations Environmental Impact Assessment Team (2010-19). Full member of the Latin American Academy of Sciences (2021).
Distinguished by the NASA Global Change Fellowship (1994), the Antorchas Inicio de la Carrera Foundation (2004), the National L’Oréal-CONICET for Women in Science (2015) and the L’Oréal-UNESCO International Awards for Women in Science, Latin America Region (2018).
“I consider the award to be very well appreciated given that it is given every 10 years and has been awarded to personalities with a long history in all fields of science. The Konex Foundation also bestows this distinction on other activities such as humanities, letters, and sports, and it gives us great pleasure to be part of such a group Although these awards are given to individuals, it is important to highlight that results in science, especially in experimental sciences, are the result of teamwork fueled by the daily efforts of students, scholarship holders, technicians, and young researchers.
Personally, I am very excited to be sharing this year of science and technology with the eminent plant biologist, Carlos Ballari, who is a fellow not only in science but also in all other aspects of life,” Amy Austin expressed.
Carlos Luis Ballari, He was born on June 26, 1959 in Kapa. Agronomist and Master of Science (UBA, 1984 and 1989); Ph.D. (Oregon State University, 1992). CONICET Senior Researcher. Professor at UBA and UNSAM and visiting researcher at Utah State University and the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology.
Ballaré primarily focuses his research on the responses of plants to the environment; Molecular mechanisms, as well as their implications for agriculture and global change research. It studies 3 interrelated areas: the role of phytochromes as regulators of adaptive plasticity in plant crowns/herbivorous interactions and jasmonate defense responses/effects of solar UV radiation on plant function and ecosystems.
Member of the Editorial Committee of the Journal of Plant Physiology (2000-5), Oecologia (2006-13); Editor-in-Chief of Oecology. Member of the Environmental Impact Assessment Team (UNEP). He has published more than 100 articles and presented more than 60 seminars and conferences in America, Europe and Asia.
Awards: Bean Bag (BCBA, 1984); Wilfred Barron (National Academy of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, 1984/5); Bernardo Hosay (CONICET, 1987); Eduardo D. Roberts (SECyT, 1994); Cristóbal Hiken (National Academy of Exact, Physical, and Natural Sciences, 1994); Latin American Leaders for the New Millennium (CNN/TIME, 1999) and Guggenheim Fellow (Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, 2001). CONNEX Prize 2013: Diploma of Merit: Biology and the Environment.
“Personally, the award represents a very important recognition by including us among the most prominent Argentine scientific figures of the last decade. From a more general point of view, I think it symbolizes the appreciation of all the people who have passed through the laboratory over the past decade and who have contributed to the research we are doing.
Carlos Ballari noted that his involvement with Amy is particularly pleasing to me, since all this time we have been working together in two areas recognized by the CONNEX Foundation: agricultural sciences and ecology, which are fundamental areas of science in our country.
This honor at the 2023 Konex Awards highlights the importance of the work of Amy Austin and Carlos Ballari to the scientific community, as well as their outstanding contribution to the advancement of science in their areas of expertise.

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More about the CONNEX Awards

In this forty-fourth edition, the grand jury has chosen the 100 most outstanding personalities of the last decade of Argentine science and technology (2013-2022), a list made up of the designation of quintiles in twenty disciplines. The jury consisted of 20 eminent personalities and was chaired by Alberto Kornblit (Connex Outstanding Prize 2013). Its general secretary was Mirta Roses (2003 Konex Outstanding Award); Juan Martín Maldacena appeared as a special guest (2013 Konex Brilliant Award).
CONNEX Awards Delivery – Diplomas of Merit corresponding to the 21 majors, will be delivered on Tuesday, September 12th. After handing out the Konex Awards – Diplomas of Merit, 20 Platinum Konex and Brilliant Konex will be selected.
The grand jury will choose from each of the 21 award-winning quintets, personalities with the most significant careers, who will be awarded Platinum Konex. Among them, the contract number will be chosen, which will receive the Konex de Brillante, the highest award bestowed by the Konex Foundation.
The Coronation Act, the ceremony at which the 21 Platinum Konex, Special Mentions, Konex of Honor and Konex of Brilliant will be awarded, will take place on Tuesday, October 31.
The Konex Awards were established in 1980 with the aim of planting the future, and to annually recognize the most valuable personalities/institutions in all branches that make up the nation’s cultural spectrum, so that the example of the best serves as a matching factor for our youth.
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