The United States requests a review of the alleged complaint at the Grupo México mine

The United States has asked the Mexican government to review the alleged denial of labor rights to workers at the San Martín mine in Zacatecas, which is owned by Mexico group.

across the The Inter-Institutional Working Committee on Monitoring and Compliance with the US-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement (T-MEC) requested review following a petition alleging that The mine violates the freedom of association of workers exercise their right to collective bargaining.

The request also occurs after a May 15 complaint from the Mexican Federation, Los Minerosalong with two major labor organizations from the neighboring country, the AFL-CIO and United Steelworkers.

The petition alleges violating Los Mineros’ rights as the holder of the collective bargaining agreement at the San Martín mine and hiring workers to replace striking workers in violation of the collective bargaining agreement and Mexican law.

A statement from the US Department of Labor states.

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Grupo México has resumed operations in full strike

The groups alleged that Grupo México had resumed operations at the San Martin lead, zinc and copper mine, even during the strike. They said that too The company negotiated with a group of employees that they do not have the right to formally represent the mine workforce.

Grupo México did not immediately respond to a request for comment Reuters.

Respect for the union’s status as an exclusive collective bargaining representative and its right to strike are critical components of labor reform in Mexico

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Thea Lee, the Labor Department’s deputy assistant secretary for international affairs, said in the statement.

Sufficient and reliable evidence supporting the denial of rights allowed the Commission to invoke the Rapid Response Working Mechanism. The Mexican government has 10 days to decide whether to conduct a review and 45 days to investigate complaints and present their findings.

Under specific conditions, the USA, Mexico and Canada rapid response mechanism of action allows The United States is taking coercive measures When an individual manufacturer or mine in Mexico exports to the northern neighboring country fails to comply with the laws of freedom of association and collective bargaining.

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With information from Reuters

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