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One of the stories that accompanied different generations around the world is “Dragon BallIn this sense, the work that introduced us to characters like Goku or Piccolo has delighted young and old since its release as a manga. Thus, over the years, this novel has been carried over to alternative media, such as popular TV series, movies, and other audio-visual content.

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Specifically, action lovers Akira Toriyama They were excited about the arrival of the new movie to the franchise, which was recently released in Japan. For this reason, they are willing to find out all the details and winks that were given to followers in this production.

So, below, find out what happens in a file Post-credits scene From the new movie in the popular franchise titled “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero”.

Post-credit scene announcement

Since the movie was announced “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” It has impressed fans of the saga. In this way, and with a short delay due to various circumstances, the film was released in theaters in Japan on 11 June 2022.

For this reason, many details of the film were leaked, via official and alternative channels, prior to the film’s international premiere. In this way, the announcement of the post-credits scene is already a topic of conversation on various social networks.

In this way, on Sunday, June 12, the executive producer Akio Ikoku He made a surprising announcement that was repeated on Twitter. Thus, when asked about something he wanted the audience to take into account, he replied: “This time we did something special about the ending credits, so enjoy the movie until the end!”.

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Of course, this means that many fans have stayed in theaters and found out Additional scene from the movie.

Explanation of the post-credit scene

Attention! There will be spoilers in the future “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero”.

After submitting the tape credits, he is surprised by a final clip that follows the characters Goku and Vegeta. After what happened in the movie they both star in a fight off Earth.

Who is watching them? BrolyWhile Vegeta to benefit from Goku And beat him legally during the battle. The two remain in their basic form and you can see how Vegeta Use your intelligence and creativity to defeat your opponent.

For this reason, this is a sight that fans of this character, and the entire franchise in general, should not miss.

Official poster for “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” (Image: Toei Animation)

When did you play “DRAGON BALL SUPER: SUPER HERO” at the premiere?

As mentioned in the movie “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” He had an exclusive theater show in Japan on June 11. Therefore, it has not been released internationally through the platform yet. Crunchy RollAnd the Or movie theaters outside the Asian country.

So far, it is known that it will be launched in United State In August 2022, so it was launched in Latin america It will happen sometime after this year.


Directed by Tetsuro KodamaThe movie tells how the Red Ribbon Army was from the past Goku He’s back with two new androids to challenge him and his friends. In addition, the script is responsible for Akira Toriyamawho also wrote the manga on which the work is based.

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Responsible for the film’s music is Naoki Sato The production companies involved in the project are Toei Animation, Toei, 20th Century Studios, Fox International Productions, Shueisha, Fuji TV and Bandai Co., Ltd. and Bandai Namco and Bird Studio.

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