The year 2023: “If the elections were today, they would be the worst in Peronism” | Political analyst Juan Corel gave his impressions of the AM750

Political analyst John Corel He emphasized that “the government is at very low levels of electoral competitiveness” and that if presidential elections are held today “We were talking about the worst elections in Peronism.”.

with the Matias Colvas displaced from the Ministry of Developmentthe interior in In front of everyone It was more exposed. In this sense, Corel emphasized AM750 into the very nature of government coalitions, and argued that one reason for the disagreement is that it is “difficult to standardize toward the same path,” especially in times of crisis.

And although he noted that there are countries or regions in which “political parties are more organized, because they were formed politically many years ago,” it is also true that “There is a crisis of representation at the global level”.

In this context, he warned that “When there is a crisis, the ruling parties have problems”.

Miley eruption

When referring specifically to our country and the growth Political actors such as Javier Melithe analyst emphasized that “there is no rightward shift in society, but there is growth in DiscountBecause When people are not satisfied with the results of the ruling party, they go to the opposition.”.

“Since this government has Peronist characteristics and a center-left populist, and yet you want to define yourself, the natural thing is for them to go with the choice before them,” he said.

He also pointed out that “there is a social indicator that has always been expected since 1983 until now the outcome of elections: poverty numbers.” “If poverty increases, the ruling party loses, otherwise it will be re-elected.”He said.

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“Today we are at slightly higher levels of poverty than in the Macri government, we will have to see what the government’s response to inflation is in the coming months,” he said.

Daniel Scioli, candidate?

Juan Corel is one of the figures who now knows the Minister of Productive Development, Daniel ScioliBecause he worked with him for many years.

For this reason, he pointed out that this new post “It fits with his personal account of facing adversity and taking charge of difficult situations.”.

“The optimism that is sometimes taken for granted served him well in his political career,” he added.

He revealed one of the strengths of the former ambassador to Brazil: “Getting to know yourself in an embassy is subject to a more realistic vision, when there are no results, the message must be conveyed into reality, not entrapped in poetry. Messages. In it, I think Daniel has a very popular sensitivity.”

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