LAS VEGAS: This is the MSG Sphere, the new 360 screen

he msg domain It was designed to be the largest spherical structure in the world. It is covered with LED screens that can create stunning visual effects in the midst of it Las vigas.

Las vigas You are about to witness the birth of an impressive and futuristic building in the middle of the city. We are talking about msg domaina huge sports and music venue distinguished by its design: a huge ball.

The building, which sits next to The Venetian Resort, is already being tested before its official launch in September, and thousands of city dwellers have been left amazed by the stunning visual effects that are replicated through its giant screen.

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The ball has a total height of 34 meters and a width of 157 meters and is completely covered with LED screens with a resolution of 16K.

This massive structure went viral on networks like Twitter after some visual evidence: Officials added a lava effect that made it look like the entire building was covered in fire.

According to many users, this type of show can be seen from many miles away.

Its development is in charge of the population-court specialists and in September it will become the world’s largest spherical structure in this style.

MSG field in action. | Source: Twitter


Goal msg domain It is “experience reimagined”.

According to the company that will manage the venue, the venue will host “multi-sensory live entertainment”, in addition to concerts, where 164,000 speakers will be confirmed to work throughout the hall. U2 will be the first band to play it at their opening show on September 29.

The audio system will be able to isolate certain sounds and confine them to parts of the audience. The seats will function like the 4D seats in movie theaters, as you will feel cold, heat, wind and even smells.

“This vivid palette will display stunning, dynamic images like never before, all on an unprecedented scale,” the company said in a statement.

How much did this build cost? $2.3 billion, making it the most expensive place in the entire city.

Another similar structure is expected to be built in the UK, east of London.

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