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The sense of hearing is often thought to be associated with sounds, but silence is not a sound but rather its absence. According to a study, What we know about silence can be heard, but it has been determined that it is possible with auditory illusions This reveals how moments of silence distort the perception of time.

Psychologists and philosophers from Johns Hopkins University in the United States investigated the mysteries of silence. To get to the right data, they subjected thousands of participants A series of auditory illusions based on silence And the, As hard as it may be to believe, the result is a scientific fact backed up by properly researched experiments.

Experts have come to the conclusion that silence has exactly the same outcomes as its sound-based counterparts, This means that scientific study indicates that people listen to silences like voices. The difference with this is that we are not aware that we are listening to silence, as when there is noise.

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After this research, already confirmed by science, other experts wondered if the brain treats silence as it does sounds. To be more specific on the subject, they made sure to analyze whether the same illusions were obtained with silence as with sounds, It may indeed be evidence that silence is heard literally.

Based on this illusion, the specialists replaced sounds with moments of silence through a test they dubbed “One More Silence,” But the results were the same. People believed that one long moment of silence was longer than two short moments of silence, and that other illusions of silence gave the same results as the audio illusions.

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Search, The specialists made the participants listen to the hustle and bustle of restaurants, markets, and busy train stations. Then they listened to intervals of those audio tracks where all the sounds suddenly stopped, Create short silences. According to the professionals, the idea wasn’t just that this silence makes people experience delusions, it was the very delusions that scientists believed It can only be played with sounds that work well when the sounds are replaced by silence.

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