Knowing our Tobao

It was a lot atrocities Committed throughout history, sanctioned by tribe witches, feudal lords, religions, and most recently, science, the 21st century Tutus Day.

One is tired of hearing that it is not appropriate to question the efficacy of the vaccines in that package, those of covid-19. Thank God. The public interest must take precedence over private conscience. Adverse reactions to Covid vaccines have been shown to be minimal, and the benefits outweigh the side effects. Oh ya? How easy is it to reproduce an official speech From all countries that respond Lady’s voice, and how difficult it is to show that what governments preach and reproduce in parrot mode by the media, which for the great majority belong to the same chief executive served, is all “God’s word,” i.e. an indisputable fact. , while it is a fabricated fact, as a large part of the reality of vaccines is ignored and even distorted.

Don’t call me a denier. I am not at all. But I declare myself as a zealous questioner of the prevailing absolutism which, far from contemplating the common good, enforces, and of course violates, basic liberties. This is far With the people but without the people It’s more popular than ever. Worst of all, a large portion of these people do not interact, do not ask, and do not tolerate divergent opinions. An ideal breeding ground for establishing a new regime of alienation, calendar, and post-virus infection. the perpetrator, by order of those who aspire to end the essence of the human race, critical thinking.

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