Progress of the construction of the Science Park in Valle de Chalco


Valle de Chalco, Edomex, April 25, 2022. The construction of a new science park in the municipality of Valle de Chalco has been reported by the Department of Urban Development and Works (Seduo), State of Mexico.

In coordination with the Ministers of the Environment and the Rural, as well as with the authorities of the Valle de Chalco, tasks are being carried out to transform more than 150,000 square meters of an abandoned public area into a green urban space that will improve the living conditions and lives of families in the area.

On a working tour of the region, Seduo President, Rafael Diaz Lil Barroeta, emphasized that this project is an example of intersectionality, in which works and actions are being implemented to improve the urban development of the entity, saving public spaces and encouraging an increase in green urban areas, for the benefit of Mexican families.

During a tour of the property, the Minister of Environment, Jorge Riscala Perez, confirmed that the park will be a new green lung for the Valle de Chalco and a space to promote environmental care in the region.

The Valle de Chalco Science Park will be a state-of-the-art space, where families will be able to enjoy walkways, green spaces, a shopping area, children’s and entertainment areas, as well as a car park.

In addition, the water balance of Laguna de Xico will be improved with a wetland and a sewage treatment plant.

In addition to the hydraulic infrastructure works carried out by CAEM, on the part of Pro Bosque, it was indicated that the reforestation of 10 hectares around the polygon will be carried out, while at the same time, Cepanaf will coordinate educational activities for the care of plants and animals.

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The public space, located approximately five kilometers from the municipal headquarters, will promote scientific dissemination and coexistence between the community and the family, as well as the reforestation of the area, to form an urban forest with water bodies.



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