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Twenty one

“Do you know what is celebrated this Sunday?” was the first question Researcher at the Higher Technical School of Agricultural Engineering and the Natural Environment (ETSIAMN) in UPVGarcia purificationIt kicked off yesterday for the fifth graders of the school Care, from the Valencian region of Benimaclet. “The elections are underway”, “Valencia FC risks its continuity” or “Shops are closing” were some of the responses he gave 60 boys and girls participating. However, none of them were true, because tomorrow is National day feed.

For this reason, for a few minutes, the smallest They became chefs who made own menu It consists of three panels. this The tenth edition of the book “Cooking the Future with Science”. It revolves around the motto “Nutrition and Gastronomy, a Successful Alliance”.

Putting on their aprons and hats, the students Prepare a rice salad with vegetables, eggs and tuna, Mexican tacos mixed with traditional pochiro and cheesecake. Despite their young age, the youngsters did not hesitate to chop onions, grate carrots, mix cheese, or spread sauce. Many of them had already cooked at home, though others curiously asked how the food was prepared or how to handle a knife.

After each step, the UPV team explained to the pups the nutrients each food provided. “It’s important to make cooking fun so you can learn what’s good for your health. The science behind every process,” Garcia said.

Within the first minutes, many of the students realized they didn’t like certain foods, although their minds changed throughout the workshop. “It is easier for them to eat it if they are the ones cooking it Because they really made the effort. “If you get them to try it, you already have a lot of cattle,” the expert confirmed.

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Balanced menu

The three dishes prepared make up a varied and well-balanced menu. “The variety of colors indicates the variety of nutritional propertiesHe pointed out to them, “The success of this consortium lies in knowing how to combine knowledge about food and nutrition with Creativity and culinary skillsTo create nutritious and delicious dishes.”

For this reason, the expert claimed the need to introduce extracurricular topics or activities related to nutrition education. They need to understand how the food they eat affects their health and well-being help prevent diseases.”


These cooking workshops knowing Encourage experimentation and creativityto explore different foods, Flavors and cooking techniquesTo develop a taste for healthy food and discover new ways to enjoy it.

This initiative is part of the European project.Science goes to schoolIt is organized by the Unit of Scientific Culture and Innovation (UCC + i) – Communication Zone of the UPV, the Higher Technical School of Agricultural Engineering and the Natural Environment (ETSIAMN-UPV), the UPV Chair of Childhood and Adolescence and the Network of Universities for Children and Adolescents.

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