Kirchnerism seeks to control all promotions of the armed forces through the executive branch

Jorge Taiana, Minister of Defence

The relationship between Armed Forces and Kirchners It was always, at least, tight. Trials of crimes against humanity, taking down images of tyrants, human rights politics and compensation for victims of state terrorism They collided upside down with certain sectors of the army. But now, the ruling party has gone one step further.

defense minister, Jorge Taiana sent a bill to the National Congress Where it seeks, among other things, to be the executive in shape The president who determines promotions in the armed forces And he took this power from the Senate.

When Casa Rosada explained this, after Alberto Fernandez announced at the Dinner of Camaraderie that he would send this amendment to the rule that regulates the armed forces, they indicated that the project would “enable mechanisms that facilitate and encourage the transition from the category of soldier to non-commissioned officer and from non-commissioned officer to officer as an incentive for continuous training, equal opportunity and advancement in the military career path of the armed forces.”

The rule states that the system of promotion of officers of the Armed Forces shall be maintained as granted by the President of the State with the prior approval of the Senate. And in case Non-commissioned Officers,” conferred by the President of the Nation.” In this way, the SCAF is eliminated as being responsible for carrying out promotions.

Alberto Fernandez at the Camaraderie Dinner

So it was established in Article 43 of the initiative: “Personnel promotion officers of the Armed Forces by the Head of State, with the prior approval of Honor Senate From state to superior officer and within that subclass. staff promotion junior officers armed forces before Head of the nation. The troops and cadets will be subject to their own systems, in the design of which the principle of joint military action will be taken into account.

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The current system provides that there is first an internal selection for each of the troops, then the candidates are sent to the Executive and last to the Senate, where they are debated in the Agreement Committee and where the Kirchners generally do a thorough background analysis centered on a possible connection to illegal oppression.

with this change, The CEO will be the person who authorizes promotions in middle management and what it will result in is that, in time, all those who are proposed to be promoted to officers will have come to that place—or not—by The election of the President is by rotation, not by proposal of the Troops, and with the approval of the Senate Agreements Committee.

Security forces specialist Miguel Angel takesthe bill that entered the Senate meant its implementation “A very similar attempt to what Hugo Chavez did – the former president of Venezuela – because V.V The abolition of the Military Council as the tool capable of qualifying Professionally for the people of the forces, opens the possibility Ideology and politicization of the armed forces. Now, the possibility of placing people defined by a force or a political idea in the armed forces is open.

“Who is this The armed forces cease to be the instrument based on defence From becoming sovereign policy tool to situational government, which in this case, moreover, Allied with all the dictators of Latin America how Cuba, Venezuela and NicaraguaAnd from the rest world such as Iran, China and Russia. “He abandoned the West,” the specialist added.

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Another point created by the project refers to Retired military. In this case, it indicates thatThey have the right to vote actually “speak freely” As long as those expressions can not handle it compromise on national defense Disclosure of confidential informationAnd affect the general condition of discipline, abuse of public authorities, Promotion in military dependencies and organizations Missionary activities of a partisan political nature“.

A change in the way promotions will be determined not only removes power from the nation’s senate, but also relieves the armed forces of this function, which generates a new contradiction between Kirchnerian men and women of arms.

Although it generates uneasiness in the troops, the advantage is that this project is unlikely to reach a channel in the National Senate. Today the ruling party is working towards a quorum for the ratification of 75 judicial documents, among them the 5-year extension of Judge Ana Maria Figueroa, the criminal cassation judge who has the Hotisor case and who turns 75 on August 9, the retirement age.

In this scenario, and with presidential elections that could not only change the political color of the highest power in the executive branch, but could also affect the association of forces between Together for Change and Kirchnerism in the Senate, The ruling party is unlikely to get the meeting number. Only next week, when everyone is there, will we be able to form an idea. A source from the Joint Bloc of the Front de Todos indicated the possibilities of advancing the Tayana bill.

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