This is why you should turn off your cell phone for five minutes a day

Many experts have recommended cutting off cell phone contact, at least a few minutes a day, in the interest of mental health, Above all, because of the entertainment apps that tend to occupy and cloud our thoughts. But the suggestion to turn off the cell phone now has nothing to do with health. The Prime Minister of Australia, Anthony Albanese, recommended that all citizens of his country turn off their mobile phones for 5 minutes every 24 hours, for example, while brushing their teeth.

This was stated in a publication of the British newspaper guardian. Albanese explained that it is a cybersecurity measure that can prevent hackers from attacking.

According to Priyadarsi Nanda, Senior Lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney, “Turning off MySQL means completely closing any application or action running in the background, including those that might be monitoring terminal activity or collecting data without the user noticing.”. The expert acknowledged that many users do not realize that some applications and processes remain open without realizing it, and that malicious activities can be carried out in the meantime.

In addition, there are dangerous applications that can be closed manually from the phone itself, but there are other processes that stop working only when the device is turned off or restarted. If there’s a process going on from the other side, turning off the phone breaks the chain, even if it’s only during the time the phone is off, it definitely frustrates the potential hacker,” Nanda explains to Watchman.

Australia is not the only government that has suggested turning off the cell phone every day. “In 2020, the US National Security Agency published a guide with advice on cybersecurity, including turning off smartphones once a week as a protection measure against hacker attacks.”

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From time to time there are advertisements of viruses that infect hundreds of thousands of devices. According to a report by cybersecurity company Kaspersky, last May, a new Trojan virus called “Fleckpe” was discovered, which enters mobile phones through nearly 11 photo editing applications.

The company reported that about 620,000 mobile devices were infected with this malware, which, upon entering the system, subscribes users to various online payment services without noticing it, up to emptying their bank accounts.

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