They were wrong, they deposited $ 1.2 million …

A bank transfer error ended up causing a stir in New Orleans, United States: A woman accidentally received more than $ 1.2 million and refused to pay it back, So it’s over He was arrested and charged with theft, bank fraud and illegal transfer of cash.

According to CBS12 News, Klein Spadoni, 33, was due to receive a transfer from Charles Schwab & Co for a small sum of 82 dollars. The case sparked widespread controversy in the United States.

However, due to an administrative error, they ended up depositing $ 1,205,619. Once the error was discovered, the entity requested a refund but its request was rejected because the amount was no longer available.

After investigation, it was found that Spadoni transferred the money to another account. With a portion of the money, local media said, He bought a new house and a 2021 Hyundai Genesis 0 km. The rest, which is about 75% of the conversion, can be recovered.

“She has no legal rights to that money. Even if it was placed there in error. That was an accounting error,” said Capt. Jason Rivardi, a spokesman for the local mayor.

Ultimately, the woman was arrested on charges of robbery valued at more than $ 25,000, bank fraud and illegal transfer of cash. After her arrest, the chief of office of Jefferson Parish Sheriff, where she worked as an emergency worker, made the decision to fire her from her job.

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