Josep Luis Molero Plata: “We have to open bridges between funerary science and tradition”

Josep Luis Molero Plata: “We have to open bridges between funerary science and tradition”

Josep Luis Molero Plata, forensic taxidermist, has signed a new collaboration with the Parque de la Paz cemetery in Valencia. This agreement, which also includes several funeral homes such as Tanatorio A3 in Riba-Roja and Funeraria Al Amana in the same city, aims to provide a comprehensive educational experience for students pursuing a master’s degree in embalming.

The agreement allows students to make educational visits to the Parque de la Paz cemetery as part of their study program. These visits are not only artistic, but also have a cultural focus. Students have the opportunity to learn about different funeral practices and customs in Spain, giving them a more complete view of the sector they are about to enter.

Josep Luis Molero thanks the cooperation of La Paz Park

For Josep Luis Molero, “This collaboration with the Parque de la Paz cemetery represents more than a simple educational visit. It is an opportunity for our students to understand the depth and diversity of funerary practices.”

Ms. Lara Cohen, representative of the Parque de La Paz Cemetery, played an integral role in facilitating these educational visits. Students can explore the various cemetery facilities, including gardens, tombs, crypts and mausoleums. This tour allows them to better understand the diversity and cultural richness that characterizes Spanish cemeteries.

Integrating Islamic culture into the Spanish funeral sector

One of the most prominent features of this cooperation is the inclusion of Al-Amana Funeral Home, represented by Mr. Mustafa. This funeral home specializes in ritual washing and burial according to Islamic customs. Incorporating this perspective into the training program is particularly important in an increasingly diverse Spain.

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Josep Luis Molero Plata, with him expertise In embalming and reconstructing bodies, he works closely with Al Amana Funeral Home. Together they ensure that the bodies of those who have died, whether from natural or violent causes, are treated with the utmost respect and dignity. This multidisciplinary approach helps alleviate the suffering of families during this difficult period.

The collaboration between Josep Lluís Mulero Plata and Parque de La Paz Cemetery is a great example of how education and practice go hand in hand. According to data from the National Institute of Statistics, more than 400,000 deaths were recorded in Spain in 2020. This figure underscores the importance of having well-trained professionals in the funeral sector.

In addition, Spain’s cultural diversity makes training in diverse funeral practices more important than ever. According to the Pew Research Center, it is estimated that the Muslim population in Spain will exceed one million by 2030. This makes the inclusion of Islamic funeral practices in training not only relevant, but necessary.

The collaboration between Josep Lluís Mulero Plata and the Parque de La Paz Cemetery in Valencia represents a major advance in Training embalmers and future professionals in the funeral sector in Spain. It not only offers high-quality technical training, but also integrates a cultural and interdisciplinary approach which is essential in an increasingly diverse society.

By Josep Luis Molero “We are in a time when cultural diversity is more prominent than ever. Incorporating the Al Amana Funeral Home perspective into our training program is critical. We want to prepare our students to be well-rounded professionals who can navigate a multicultural environment with compassion and respect.”

This unique alliance demonstrates how education, culture and practice can come together to produce well-rounded professionals, able to navigate the complexities of the funeral sector with compassion and skill. It is a model that can and should be replicated in other areas of vocational training.

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