Isita: “Barcelona’s participation in culture and science is an act of justice” | Catalonia

Miquel Iceta, Ada Colau and Diana Morant, center, in the front row, with the directors of Barcelona’s cultural and scientific facilities.Juan Mathieu (Europe Press)

Culture Minister Miguel Esita, Science and Innovation Minister Diana Morante and Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau signed Wednesday afternoon what they agreed to call an “work of justice” with Barcelona. : coca-capitality agreement in the affairs of culture and city sciences, which represents an injection of 20 million euros for the Catalan capital. Isita said at the signing of the agreement, in Salou de Cent, Barcelona City Council, in the presence of representatives from different sectors.

The project, approved on November 8, and which will be implemented directly by the city council together with other institutions (public or private), represents 20 million euros by 2021, 17.5 of which comes from the Ministry of Culture and Sports and 2, 5, Science and Innovation. Isita indicated that the intention of the Government of Spain is to continue this agreement and that the state’s general budgets for 2022, which have not yet been approved, also include another similar item for the next year. The minister also referred to more clauses for culture and science in Barcelona: “Our ambition goes far beyond the strict lines of this agreement,” he said. “They are contributions to culture and science that are not only the heritage of Barcelona, ​​but also the heritage of Catalonia, Spain and humanity.”

“Words are more important if they are accompanied by budgets,” Colau said at the event to demand municipal management. “What we signed is restoring a halted agreement,” he added [el que acordaron en 2005 el entonces presidente José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero y el exalcalde Jordi Hereu]The mayor added, which means that during all these years there has been a liquidation, so we are fixing some cuts.”

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Colau said that the agreement would allow Barcelona’s scientific cultural fabric to be restored: “We need it to thrive as a city, especially in times of crisis due to the pandemic, and to fight inequality. We need ideas and trust our equipment.”

The Minister of Science also noted that “innovation is part of the DNA of this city” and stressed that “Barcelona has always been an indisputable engine” of the state, although “they did not always allow it.” He said it in reference to “times in the history of Spain when the scientific potential of this city was suppressed” that now, “together, we shall strengthen.” “By opening windows on the flag, we will open the windows towards a better future,” Morant added.

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