Is Sons of Bira on Netflix?: Where to watch Will Ferrell’s crazy comedy


We tell you if it is now possible to watch this movie on streaming platforms, or if you still have to wait to watch it from home.

© @TrailersInSpanishThe movie shows us a dog who wants revenge on his cruel owner.

Sons of bitches (Strice, in her original language) gives us a crazy comedy in which Will Ferrell gives voice to Reggie, a dog who is constantly rejected by his owner, so he and his friends will try to teach him a lesson. And If you are wondering if this movie is on Netflix, Here we will tell you where you can see this production.

Can Sons of Bitch be seen on Netflix?

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The movie Hijos de Perra is not on Netflix as it is currently still making its way through cinemas Both in the United States and abroad, which is why it is also shown in Latin America.

Specifically due to the issue of distribution rights, it is impossible for the film to reach Netflix at the present time, as it must first finish its life cycle on the big screen, and then move to streaming services and… At that moment we will find out if it will be shown on Netflix or any other platform of this type.

How is Hijos de Pera doing at the box office?

Photo: TrailersInSpanish.

So far, Hijos de Perra has been doing very poorly at the box office ever since Its budget was 46 million dollars And to this day, the film adds box office in the United States and abroad It has accumulated $30.2 millionSo he is in an uphill race if he is to succeed.

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