Champions on Netflix and La Liga on Disney+? Apple TV + takes the lead by streaming baseball games live | entertainment

With audiences stagnating, streaming platforms are looking at sports to attract new users. Apple TV+ streamed baseball games this weekend.

Netflix The company has forever changed cinema and television, in the field of films and series. Can you do the same with Sports broadcasting?

The broadcast platforms They have entered a dangerous spiral that they have created themselves, which puts them in a dilemma. To attract subscribers, they release more and more content, to the extent that Netflix spent more than $20 billion last year on shows and movies. However it has lost audience and subscribers in recent months.

It seems that releasing dozens of series and movies a week is no longer enough, so Broadcasting platforms turn their eyes to new content: reality shows, quizzes, and even video games, as Netflix already produces and gifted them. next step? Sports:

+ AppleTV Broadcast this weekend in the United States Various games of MLB, North American Major League Baseball.

Besides live games, it also offers replays, and will soon be broadcasting a show called MLB Big Inning, with game analysis and commentary.

by account the edgeThis is the first live broadcast They’ve received a lot of criticism from fanswho complained that presenters were ignorant, spending more time talking about other things, including Apple products, than the game.

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On a technical level, many users protested the networks of Broadcast discountsand because of It was not possible to stop the transmissionsomething that can be done on other platforms.

This streaming device is more powerful than the previous generation’s standard model, and has an Alexa remote control, though there are no built-in volume buttons.

On the positive side, Good image quality, less adsWith regard to traditional television broadcasts.

Of course, This is not the first time the sports broadcasting platform has broadcast. Amazon Prime Video itself does this regularly with Premier League matches and other events, and platforms like Dazn or Movistar + Plus live from them.

But as it was until recently, it was weird for us to watch a reality show or game show on Netflix, or a baseball game on Apple TV+, Let’s not rule out that we will soon start watching European sports live on Netflix or Disney+.

Champions or La Liga? It is complicated, because football rights are very expensive and are given to every country. But if subscriptions are still stagnant, never say never…

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