Intel is once again having manufacturing issues with its processors

Why the change? Is there something we lost? Is it a way to compete with AMD’s upcoming Zen 5? Let’s see it.

Arrow Lake and its 3nm node

Arrow Lake, the next generation of Intel processors, is set to launch on desktop computers. Arrow Lake is expected to retain the structure and foundation of Meteor Lake.

Initially, it was planned to use Intel 20A node, which corresponds to 5nm technology. However, according to recent rumors, it is possible that this could happen Intel is forced to turn to the 3nm node from TSMC. This possibility changes the course of everything a lot, since the difference between the two nodes is very large, and although it has not yet been officially confirmed, everything indicates that it will be.

It’s not the first time That this company is forced to postpone the launch of a new generation of its processors due to problems with the nodes used, so this news surprises us to a lesser extent.

If the rumors are true, and eventually Intel Arrow Lake uses TSMC’s 3nm node instead of Intel’s 20A node, this could lead to some problems for them as they will have to rely more on TSMC and therefore pay more money. their technology. In addition, they will not be able to leverage their own factories and invest in an Intel 20A node. In other words, a major overall economic loss.

However, Intel could have expected this and Lake Arrow was designed with what can happen in mindso they will be adapted to both designs.

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Lunar Lake will be the version we may have to wait to see for 20A a job. At the moment, everything indicates that this will not be the case.

In any case, although the rumor is very heavy, we must wait for an official confirmation, as they can surprise us at the last moment and launch it without anyone expecting it. Good technology to surprise us. You never know.

Intel Lake Moon

What we do know, since expectations have been, and more so with these rumors, is that The rest of the brand’s processors will use the TSMC nodeIt was only expected for Arrow Lake, so there would be no news regarding the others.

permission? 2024? 2025? We’ll see what happens, maybe we’ll find that some future releases end up with a 20A load, if only to test them while preparing for a more important release. For now, what we know for sure is that we have to wait. We’ll be interested in any news or pronunciation by the brand and we’ll tell you about it right now. We hope this is good news. Although Intel does not usually release much information in a normal way.

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