Influencer shows his photos in Paris and his followers discover that he used Photoshop – Ecuador’s metro

Four days ago, model Jess Hunt uploaded some pictures of what she said was her trip to Paris, but her followers found out it was a lie and that she was going to Photoshop.

Fans pointed out that the influencer would have used a green screen to place background images of the Eiffel Tower and make her community believe she had traveled to the famous European city.

The influencer’s post consisted of four photos and a video, which they also stated had been Photoshopped, with the young woman’s shoes not appearing to touch the street floor.

The post reached 249,722 reactions, and generated more than 2,000 comments, with the vast majority accusing the British model of faking a trip just to get likes and appear as an influencer, according to her followers’ releases.

The arguments they asserted that he used Photoshop are based on the composition of the image, which they assert does not match the distance and road lines. Also, her heels seem to float and not cast a shadow on the video.

The model defended herself by pointing out that the photos are real, but their truth remains without foundation in her community. It is worth noting that the previous and subsequent publication of photos of the influencer visiting Paris, was their location in the United Kingdom.

Among the most prominent criticisms leveled at the influencer were those who suggested that she “traveled digitally” and others directly accused the young model of using the photo-editing tool to deceive her.

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