In prehistoric times, women were mothers and also hunters.

Data analysis of dozens of Food Collectors Associations From all over the world it shows Women hunt in at least 79% of these communitieswhich contradicts the widely held belief that men hunt exclusively and women exclusively gather, according to a study published in the open access journal PLOS ONE.

There is a common belief that men hunt animals and women gather plant products in the settlements. but, There is more and more archaeological evidence for the story and prehistory humanity who question this model; For example, in many societies women have been found buried next to large hunting tools.

Some researchers have suggested that The role of women as hunters was confined to the pastAnd that the most recent societies followed the model of men as hunters and women as gatherers.

To investigate this possibility, Abigail Anderson of Seattle Pacific University (USA) He and his colleagues analyzed data from the past 100 years in 63 foraging societies around the world, including North and South America, Africa, Australia, Asia and the ocean area.

Find out chasing women In 79% of the companies analyzed, regardless of their status as a mother. More than 70% of hunting by females appears to be intentional, as opposed to the opportunistic killing of animals found while they are engaged in other activities, and intentional hunting by women appears to be directed. To play animals of all sizes, often large game.

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The analysis also showed that women are actively participating In teaching hunting practicesThey tend to use a greater variety of weapons and hunting strategies than men.

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These results indicate that in many hunting societies, Women are expert hunters and play a crucial role in the practice. This adds to evidence that challenges deeply held perceptions of gender roles in hunting societies.

The authors suggest that these stereotypes have affected previous archaeological studies And that, for example, some researchers were reluctant to interpret objects buried with women as hunting tools. They ask for a re-evaluation of these tests They warn of the danger of misapplying the idea of ​​men as hunters and women as gatherers in future research.

They concluded, “Evidence from around the world shows this Women participate in subsistence fishing in most cultures.

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