It is a disturbing science fiction film with an interesting plot about alien invasions. It's called “The Vast of Night” and it's streaming

Great movie with a good old fashioned twist

The last weekend of the year has finally begun, so it's almost time to bid farewell to 2023. A good way to do that is to take the opportunity to watch some of the most amazing films, The night expanded One of the best examples. Best of all, you have it Available for streamingSo you better give it a chance.

This amazing science fiction feature film was released a few years ago, but in fact, its entire plot takes us back in time, to the world… 1950s. Virtually the entire film stars Everett, who works at a radio station, and Faye, a telephone switchboard operator who, when her shift arrives, begins hearing strange audio signals.

From this moment on, The plot becomes very disturbing It immediately draws you in with the desire to know what's going on. They then start receiving calls trying to explain what is happening and indicating an approaching alien invasion in the New Mexico City where all the events are taking place.

The hour and a half that the film lasts passes in the blink of an eye. Because of how impressive it is from start to finish. Moreover, its cinematography is fantastic with some very well done sequences, mixing everything that appears on screen with some scenes as if they were broadcast from an old television.

Watch The Vast of Night live stream

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