Get a US Visa: News for Argentina, How to Apply?

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Argentines who want to travel to United Statealso Work, tourism or business They are obliged to take out visa.

document you request It meets a number of requirements Request approval US Consular Section in Buenos Aires.

According to a classification prepared by the World of Statistics, the country is one of the countries With a lower probability of being denied a business, work or travel visa.

Only 4% of attempts will be rejected in 2022. This way Argentina Ended below SpainAnd Germany also Denmark. Also super to Japan And Mexico.

Visa to travel to the United States: how much does this process cost?

he United States Department of State Announced that, since May 30, the acquisition process visa You will see a big increase.

The increases translated into base values ​​of $110, with additional costs added:

  • Visitor visa for a job also tourism (B1/B2 and BCC), student and exchange visas: $185;
  • Nonimmigrant visa for temporary workers (Classes H, L, O, P, Q, and R): 205 USD
  • visa for Treaty Trader, Treaty Investor and Treaty Seekers In a specialized occupation (all categories E): $315.

US Visa: What documents do I need to complete the process?

Those who wish to process a tourist, business or business visa must submit the following documents:

  • Argentine passport
  • Form DS-160 complete;
  • Previous passports with United States visa
  • two paparazzi (4×4) stream;
  • Verify that the applicant has economic solvency
  • flight data.
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How do you apply for a visa to travel to the United States?

Consular section of Embassy of the United States of America It is responsible for providing visas to those who have submitted the corresponding application.

In this sense, the Argentines You must follow these steps To access the document:

  1. Select the visa category;
  2. Complete the Form DS-160;
  3. Create an account on the page from the embassy with the required data;
  4. Refers to confirmation number Sample;
  5. Put a title to receive documents;
  6. push the it costs,
  7. ask for appointment.

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