In honor of Olivia Newton-John in Australia

Thousands of people paid tribute this Sunday to Actress and singer Olivia Newton-Johnwho died last August as a result of cancer, At an emotional state funeral held in the Australian city of Melbourne.

At a meeting held in Melbourne Arts Centre’s Hammer Hall, which ran for more than two hours, family, friends and celebrities paid tribute to the artist’s memory and accomplishments.who was raised in an Australian city despite being born in the UK.

Various personalities from the world of music and cinema, including Elton JohnAnd Hugh JackmanAnd Dolly PartonAnd pink And Mariah CareyThey broadcast condolence videos, which were broadcast in front of the shocked crowd of the party’s owner.


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American country star Dolly Parton opened up about the tribute by sharing happy memories Newton John who passed away on August 8th After a more than three-decade battle against breast cancer – he stated that “the world lost one of its greatest gifts when Olivia left us”.

In her video message, the singer said, “As a country you should be very proud and know that the whole world is grieving with you.”

British artist Elton John also participated, virtually, in the multi-homage, which noted that over the years, he’s seen the iconic “Grease” protagonist grow and grow. And I became the artist I became.”

She said, “She was a wonderful force of nature, but she was so funny and kind and warm and talented and every time we got together we laughed and laughed and laughed.”

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The singer was also praised for her “bravery” and “courageousness”. Newton-John in his fight against cancer, and is remembered for helping “millions of people” thanks to promoting projects and institutes to support research into treatments for the disease.

Newton-John’s relatives also gave emotional speeches and shared warm memories of the artist on this day, which also included concerts and other art events.

Her husband, John Easterling, stressed that the couple knew “how lucky they were” to have found each other and were aware of “how much they loved.”

“An order of magnitude more so we thought maybe we should feel guilty because we were so happy, but we decided to be grateful and let the happiness run full speed ahead,” he said with shock.

For her part, her daughter Chloe Latanzi recalled, crying, the moments of simplicity that she experienced with her “mother”.

“She loved our hugs. I would go up to bed with her late at night, even if I was 20. I loved the way she smelled (…) I love how completely and completely she loved,” Lattanzi said emotionally, before applauding him The audience.

Newton-John developed a career in show business as a singer, with hits like “If Not For You,” “Let Me Be There,” and “Have You Never Been Mellow,” though his name was immortalized in Hollywood by starring in ” Grease,” which would become the highest-grossing music of the 20th century.

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