In Brazil they pay $15,000 a day and the procedures for leaving missionaries are increasing

According to information released by the National Directorate of Migration, Between 2020 and 2022, nearly 400,000 Argentines left the country in search of work and a better quality of life. of this number, Brazil topped the ranking of the most elected countries with 11%, over Spain and the United States.

The coastal areas of Misiones with the Uruguay River recorded a significant increase in the number of actions of local citizens, mostly Young people, who are seeking a residence card to go to work in Brazil, mainly attract Wages are in rials, which equates to between 10,000 and 15,000 pesos per day For country work and harvesting.

At the same time, In the agricultural activities of Misiones, the problem of rural labor shortage remains In items such as harvesting grass, cassava and citrus fruits, due to this problem and others such as low wages in pesos and social schemes that drive beneficiaries not to want to launder money.

According to data from the Brazilian Observatory for International Migration (OBMigra), published by the newspaper Folha, In 2010, 2,516 Argentines residing in that country were registered, in 2019 5,424 did so, with an upward trend, and in 2022 this number reached 6,601 people. It is estimated that this year the number will approach 10,000.

Among the specific factors that attract Argentines is the economy as well as the low percentage of black labor present in the nation.

The increasing trend of job searching in Brazil is nothing new Instead, it began a few years ago with the depreciation of the Argentine currency and the suitability of the real. In the beginning, it was only the swallow workers who went for a fixed period to devote themselves to harvesting grapes or apples or some specific activities within a specified period of time.

but Residency procedures have doubled this year, revealing that it is a permanent decision to settle and live in the other country, Not just work and go back to Argentina.

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Accommodation procedures can be done in person or through professional advice. In this sense, there are some people who are dedicated to facilitating paperwork in less time, because they know the steps and have contacts in the institutions that need to be managed.

Liliana Carvalho is a manager at El Soberbio and said that the number of incorporation procedures for Argentines in Brazil has increased significantly this year. Almost every day he deals with one or several orders in this regard. And not only are they from El Soberbio, but they also receive orders from other parts of the Misiones and other provinces.

He commented, “Some who are already working in Brazil, what they usually ask me about is the apostate antecedents that must be obtained through the Social Security Act and apostates in the College of Notaries,” first edition.

“after People who want to go for residence must first enter the country, in a port with federal police, and with that they enter the federal page and do the paperwork.“, he added.

The manager said that “many people who are in Brazil ask me to do the process, I send them in PDF format, print them out, pay taxes in Brazil, and I in turn go to the federal to do the residence card.”

“This month I’m making as many apostilles and the filings I’ve made are eight.”It is to explain. He explained it “Not only young people, there are parents who go to work and their families stay here.”

He listed the requirements for filing: “A person must have a certificate of address, present a handwritten note certifying the address, with a service receipt in his name. To this is added his DNI or passport number and country entry in the federal.”

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“It is important to make it clear that you should not have background problems,” pointed out.

Finally he mentioned it “Email shifts usually take a year when the interested party requests it, but they ask me to do it because my corporate email gets me a turnaround in less time.”

Factors and reasons

Among the specific factors that attract Argentines are the economy, the exchange differential that puts the real ahead of the peso, as well as the low percentage of undeclared labor that exists in the country.

For the specialists and diplomatic sources cited by the Brazilian newspaper, last year’s figure is related to both the demand contained by the epidemic and the acceleration of the crisis in the Argentine economy. This second factor is the one most frequently reported by Argentines who have immigrated.

This trend can also be seen in online groups of Argentines where inquiries are received of where to find housing and how to apply for residence and get a job. There are also more local questions, such as where to buy typical products, such as mate, alfajores, fernets or empanadas.

There are no pawns in Misiones

The counterpart of those looking for luck in Brazil appears in the farms and fields of Misiones, Mainly in crops of yerba mate, cassava and citrussince there have been problems for several years to get labor.

This is confirmed by yerba mate producer and director of the National Institute of Yerba Mate (INYM), Jonas Peterson, when he pointed out the difficulty of being able to compete with the salaries paid in the neighboring country, which are equivalent in real terms between 10,000 and 15,000 Argentine pesos.. Added to this are food and work clothes in the productive fields of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina.

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This region is the equivalent of the Argentine “Humid Pampa”, meaning that it is the region with the highest agricultural and industrial production in the neighboring country, with large stretches of diversified crops, abounding in soybeans, apples, grapes, meat, tobacco and agricultural machinery.

But it’s not all positive for those who venture out to find better luck on the other side of the border.. Desperation often leads the unemployed to accept harsh conditions or fall into unscrupulous deception.

The statistics reveal an alarming truth: There are Argentines, in a very small percentage, who are part of the foreigners rescued as slaves or black laborers in BrazilThey account for 0.2% of the rescues carried out by the federal security forces between 2003 and 2022, according to data from Brazil’s Ministry of Labor. in this sense, The immigrant groups most affected are from Bolivia, 42%; From Haiti 24% and from Venezuela 12% as indicated.

Residency requirements

– Enter the country with the Argentine document (DNI or passport)
– Visit the consulate in your jurisdiction and request your registration in the registration book.
Visit the Federal Police station.
– Application for a temporary residence permit under the Mercosur agreement.
– Pay the fees required by the police and you must hand in the required documents.

permanent residence:
– Enter Brazil with your identity document (ID or passport)
– Go to the Federal Police station.
Application for a permanent residence permit under the 2003 Bilateral Agreement.
– Pay the indicated fee and present the following documents: passport or DNI, certificate of criminal record in your country of previous residence, declaration of no international criminal record, proof that you entered Brazil legally.

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