How Barbie Found Her Heart: The Secrets of America Ferrera’s Monologue and Final Sentence from the Movie

This article contains spoilers

From the end of Barbie

Officially, the show “Barbie” has become the best show of the year in the United States. The film, starring Margot Robbie, grossed $155 million at the US box office and $337 million worldwide during its opening weekend. The film has become a social and cultural event, which will raise the Barbie brand to new levels, but above all it presents a social analysis through satire. The patriarchal system is reeling.

Halfway through the film, Greta Gerwig puts that irony aside and gives us a moment of direct viewer social criticism, which ends up becoming the heart of the film. We talk about the powerful monologue read by Gloria’s character, played by America Ferrera, and recounts the contradictory expectations women have to meet every day. A monologue in which women see themselves reflected, says Ferreira Los Angeles Times interview: “It is impossible for these words to be incorrect. Not a single word. Everything said in the monologue is just the truth. And when we hear the truth, it strikes a certain way, and you can’t stop listening to it.”

This monologue about the double standards women have to deal with on a daily basis is central to the film, and Ferrera delivers it with force beyond the screen. A scene took two days to shoot and about “30 or 50 takes” of the full script had to be doneAccording to Ferreira to Vanity Fair. “We shot it in two days. It’s part of a larger scene with a lot of characters. I had to do it so many times to cover other people’s coverage and go through the whole scene, and over the course of two days.” However, it wasn’t Gerwig’s fault that he made the scene to his liking. If not, it was Ferrera herself who repeated it until she got the one who made her feel the best.


Another personal moment is the film’s final climax. The Billie Eilish song, “What Was I Made For,” plays in the background as we watch onscreen home recordings of girlfriends, mothers, grandmothers, families, and friends sharing deeply sensitive moments. Moments that make you find Barbie’s purpose and accept your humanity. Gerwig confirmed for Time magazineThe families in the photos are not random, but home videos provided by the film’s cast and crew. Among them, photos taken using Super 8 of Margot Robbie herself.

“For me, with something like ‘Barbie,’ a giant brand personality and international icon, it can feel impersonal. That’s a way of saying everything is man-made.” That the movies, the puppets, are made by humans. It is not made from above. They’re done. And there was something about Ruth Handler, the inventor of Barbie, the idea that she created a Barbie doll for her daughter, Barbara. And that human connection I’ve always wanted to make.”

The last sentence

After accepting her humanity and traveling to the real world, Barbie must face new challenges. In the final scene of the movie, the famous doll, now transformed into a human, arrives at an office building that looks like a job interview. Eager but excited, Barbie enters the building and addresses the receptionist, who pens the final line of the film: “I’ve come to see my gynecologist.”.

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“With this movie, it was important to me that everything work on two levels. I knew I wanted to end a joke with a dropped mic, but I also find it touching.” Gerwig’s comment to USA Today. “As a teenager, I remember growing up feeling ashamed of my body. […] And to see Margot as Barbie, with that big smile on her face, saying what she says at the end with such happiness and passion. She was like, if I can give girls the feeling that Barbie does too, This is fun and emotional. There are a lot of things like that throughout the movie. It was always about finding lightness and heart.”

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