The President of the Community of Madrid rejected a project and said: “I refuse Peronism to destroy the economic engine of Spain.”

The President of the Community of Madrid criticized the financial reform of the government of Pedro Sánchez

President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayusoseverely criticized the government’s financial reform Pedro Sanchezwhich he described as Tax populismCompared to the policies pursued in his opinion by the Peronist governments in Argentina.

Sanchez will lead us to ruin.started Diaz Ayuso, of the conservative Popular Party, during a debate at the plenary session of the Madrid Assembly on Thursday. It is not a majority government, let alone a government of real people. It is the government that creates poverty first and then it creates dependence on the state.”

The Spanish executive, supported by a coalition of Socialist Party (PSOE) and leftists CanAnnounced last week a Solidarity tax on large wealth for two years, plus the tax cut for measured income and sick leave for workers and retirees, when inflation stands at 9% year-over-year. The reform will primarily affect taxpayers who take advantage of bonuses to pay wealth tax in conservative-ruled regions, such as Madrid s Andalus.

Diaz Ayusowhich warned that it is ready to challenge the reform in front of Constitutional Court Considering it a secret tax increase that infringed his region’s autonomy, he described Sanchez’s plan as From Financial populism.

They take money from the people and then, as the Peronists do, distribute it in the form of payments, aid, and subsidiesShe said, referring to the policies of Argentina’s main ruling party, she said. At the end of 2020, the government of Alberto Fernandez s Christina Kirchner It also approved an extraordinary wealth tax to support the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, grant subsidies and emergency social assistance.

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“I refuse to allow the economic engine of Spain to be installed in that political and economic decline that is destroying so many countries around the world.”Diaz Ayuso said. “Here people want to be free, they want to have their projects, they want to make their own decisions.”

Argentine Economy Minister Sergio Massa, President Alberto Fernandez and Vice President Cristina Kirchner (NA)

Later, Díaz Ayuso referred again to Peronism in a tweet he shared with the video of his speech: “I refuse to let Peronism destroy the economic engine of Spain.”Wrote.

In her speech, the President of Madrid also promised to defend small Spanish companies that emphasized, “I can’t stand anymore” Because of the actions of the Sanchez government.

“They’re going to end companies and with them, most importantly, they’re going to end hiring”He charged before asking if it was “no coincidence that wherever PSOE rules, everything gets worse”.

“Fortunately, no one believes the government of Pedro Sanchez in Spain anymore’ concluded the conservative leader.

Reply to Diaz Ayuso Alexandra SfeirAnd the Podemos spokesperson for the Madrid Assembly. “You are committed to declaring that you will abolish tax reform in the constitution so that workers and self-employees will pay more taxes‘, accused her.

Great wealth tax

Socialist Finance Minister Maria Jesus MonteiroThe new tax on large fortunes is justified as “Extra effort, extra for those with more economic capacity‘, more than three million euros ($2.94 million), i.e. 23 thousand is charged 0.1% of the total.

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Expectations are that It will raise about 1,500 million euros ($1,470 million) and will primarily affect taxpayers receiving bonuses to pay wealth tax in conservative areas, such as Madrid s Andalusan issue that stirred controversy.

Finance Minister, Maria Jesus Montero, upon her arrival at a plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies (Eduardo Parra - Europa Press)
Finance Minister, Maria Jesus Montero, upon her arrival at a plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies (Eduardo Parra – Europa Press)

The tax reform proposed by the government, with increases and decreases in various taxes, will report some Net income 3,144 million euros The minister explained that (3,080 million dollars) during the next two years.

It is also expected Tax increase on capital gains in income tax from €200,000 ($196,000).

Lower taxes on middle and low income

At the same time, the executive left proposes a Income tax reduction up to a total of €21,000 per year ($20,500). The tax-free minimum will range from 14,000 to 15,000 euros (13,700 to 14,700 dollars).

These measures Half of the workers will benefitAccording to Montero.

The Treasury wants to cut the corporate tax on small and medium-sized businesses billing less than 1 million euros ($980,000) from 25% to 23%. In contrast, large business groups will only be able to compensate for 50% of the losses of their subsidiaries in 2023.

On the other hand, a decrease of 10% to 4% of the value-added tax on feminine hygiene products, condoms and non-medical contraceptives is also expected.

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