I asked Uber why it was taking so long, to which he delivered the answer: “I went down to buy…”

I asked the Uber why it was taking so long and received a beep that unbalanced her. (Video: TikTok/@julirivadolla)

A young woman showed a particular case that she lives with a bus driver. Uber. She had ordered a car for a trip, confirmed and paid for it. As he waited, he noticed that it was taking longer than expected and he felt restless. I sent him a message and he got a response eviction. The video went viral Tik Tok And no one can believe the reason he gave for suspending service.

Juliet I was going out, but I didn’t want to waste time on public transportation. For this reason, he entered to request She asked a driver to take her by car. On the map, note that it is Arrested in a specific place and asked him what happened. What she didn’t expect was the answer he gave her.

Julieta orders an Uber, but the driver cancels her ride for some unusual reason. (photo: Instagram/@julirivadulla)

through your account @employee, He showed the extraordinary situation he had experienced in recent days. The girl had to take a quick trip which is why she wanted to ask about car To do that. He paid for his trip and waited for him. However, the car never arrived She chose to send him a message.

“Hello, are you on your way? The car doesn’t seem to be moving on the map,” wrote the driver and his name OscarHe saw it and answered it through an audio recording, which disturbed the protagonist of this story. “Hi, how are you Juliet… Excuse me… I went down to buy a hot doghe said between laughs.

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Oscar sent him a voice explaining why the car had stopped. “I went out to buy a hot dog,” he said. (photo: Instagram/@julirivadulla)

Julieta shared the hilarious chat on the platform, though she didn’t hide her anger at something she did after hearing the voicemail. “The worst thing is that I waited for him to eat the sausage and he canceled itHe wrote in the description of the post.

The clip has 82,000 “likes” and nearly 7,700 “likes”. In the comments, users made fun of the situation. “Priorities,” one user said. Another boy added: “Oscar was so happy.” Another young woman replied: “He gave me so much tenderness.”

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