Initially, it was only going to be a copy of Skyrim, but the change of direction saved the RPG that many had been waiting for for three years – it was reported

Obsidian was forced to retract the announced development after a major planning flaw

Although lovers RPG Consider an imminent date with their favorite type, the truth is I confess It was one of the great titles that came out in Xbox Game Gallery. We had to wait Three years after it was announced until a new trailer was finally revealed. However, Obsidian thought the extra waiting time was worth it. Creators of what is still sun games He falls Loved by the community passed Difficult development process Since they had, first of all, to find that space in which they could feel comfortable. Something that was beyond his possession Skyrim.

The Declarer has undergone significant changes during its development

those responsible for obsidian They have admitted to changing course during an evolution in which, at times, they felt like they had lost their identity. “At first we were going to launch our own Skyrim,” explained the company’s director. However, there was a change of plans: “While we were working on AVowed… Bethesda is great at making games like Skyrim, Mojang is great at making games like Minecraft and Turn10 is great at making racing games. What we do is make great RPGs, is not it? ? “. in this meaning, Stop focusing on something other people are already doing great To think about what is the definition of a company.

According to what they say Obsidian Director for PC GamerThe path was not easy. However, it was necessary Stop setting goals based on imitation or trying to override For the rest of the developers. “We went back,” said the director. “We thought about what we’re good at and what our path is.” The idea then was to create a game that was somewhat more contained in scale and focused on storytelling. As he explains, It doesn’t have to be a linear or mini game (He gives as an example Pillars of Eternity 2). However, it must be a title where everything is in service of this narrative idea.

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Avowed has certain aspects similar to Skyrim, but a completely different approach.

Although it can create a world out of tens of square kilometres, Avowed strives to tell more intense stories. “Sometimes you realize the way you build doesn’t align with the experience you want to create (…) I think Obsidian shines in doing RPGs when it focuses on Accurate and evocative world-building. Stories that focus more on depth than breadth with well-thought-out mission design that rewards the player for experimentation and exploration. It gives a feeling of freedom and a Huge selection of options to interact with the world and characters‘, the director judged.

Given current video game development deadlines, the truth is that Avowed hasn’t even been forced to wait long enough for us to talk about long delays. However, it appears that the additional months the developer has set aside to close Avowed, which will arrive in 2024 Crucial to creating a game that can always live up to enormous expectations that we have from obsidian. The wait will also become more enjoyable with the arrival of a starfield which promises to satisfy gamers X-Box And Computer While they are waiting for the next big RPG.

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